Turning Pages

Libraries. Ever since I can remember walking, I’ve always been taken to libraries by my parents. Growing up as the younger sibling to a very literarily inclined person and son of parents who supported it
The Dance of Death

One truth remains my friend...

When the journey of life reaches its end

When sorrow tears your heart to shreds

Claws of pain, your soul they rend.

Till you remain with but a single thread

You Want It Darker - A Review

In a Zen Monastery sometime ago

Jikan was sitting on a chair in the corner of the shared kitchen. He had just finished sweeping and cleaning the kitchen floor - a must for all the disciples.
Interview – Shivani Chander (B.Tech 2016-2020)

Please introduce yourself and explain your current profile.

I'm a final year B.Tech student pursuing Computer Science and Engineering, at the National Institute of Technology
On Decadence

A comparative review of Crime and Punishment and The Picture of Dorian Gray

In the limited scope of my reading, if I were to recommend one, and only one, book to a person who wishes to go on a journey