Interview: Anish Sodani (ICE-2014)

Please elaborate on your current profile. 

I’m working as an Area Manager for the Lakshya division at MT Educare Ltd, in the education sector. I manage complete business pertaining
Case 107511/B; missing persons

(Note:The Weekend Watch is an organisation dedicated to the safety of the people of Maine, headquartered at South Portland. Every citizen of Maine above the age of 50 is mandated to volunteer
Money Problems

Culture could mean many things. To an anthropologist, it means the ideas and customs of a society. To a pretentious CEO, it means the key driver of his company’s success. To a biologist, it means the strain
Interview: Ashwini Petchiappan (Civil- 2017)

Please elaborate on your current profile.

I am a consultant at Dakshin Foundation, an NGO. I do research work focussed on sea turtles. My supervisor is Dr Kartik Shanker,
'Foolproof' Guide to Landing that Research Intern

--By Stealth Shiva, circa 2019

You see, I was also once that fawn-eyed fresher wondering why on earth I was at Barn Hall during Orientation. I also stared in awe at