Interview: Abhinav Bhat (ECE - 2011)
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I’m currently the Associate Director of Marketing at Fairfest Media, a travel media company. I’m the
D.J. Khaled
Devon Jahangir Khaled lived in post-war Afghanistan. He was a simple man. Or at least, tried to live a simple life. Being the most sold author for a generation in all of Asia did have its cons. He was liked
The Clothesline
Standing tall I spread my wings from pole to pole,
Clothed in your clothes, guarding your home,
I stand right there, as the years roll.

Relentlessly melting under the scorching sun
And thawing with the
Interview: Ashwin CV (Chem - 2014)
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After graduating from NIT Trichy with an
Fitness in NITT

Jogging/ Walking Routes:
NSO ground
The NSO ground track covers an approximate perimeter of 400m. For those who like running on tracks and can tolerate the dust, this track should be good enough.