Apple launches iPhone Pie
Earlier this month, Apple launched its newest addition to the iPhone series, the iPhone Pie, after iPhone ‘I’m no different from the rest’. This delicious-sounding version boasts of several features,
Foster's Home for Evolutionary Predictions
If you grew up to the cartoons of the late 90s and early 00s, chances are you’ve come across Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends created by Craig McCracken. The light-hearted
Mary Shelley: Queen of Goth
The first time I met Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was in 1800. She was tracing the letters on her mother's headstone to learn to spell her name. Her mother, who bore the same name, was a celebrated
HIIT : The new miracle worker in town
The fitness world is chock full of "miracles" and "six-pack abs in a week", so much that new workouts and exercises are met with widespread skepticism concerning their effectiveness
Movie Review : Snowpiercer
Snowpiercer, on the surface, is a typical action packed post apocalyptic thriller, complete with most of the genre’s usual hallmarks. Underneath, however, it is an ingenious discussion of what