Feeds Recommends: A Monster Calls

2021 is a much needed clean slate, and we’re all determined to make use of this fresh beginning, to ensure that this year is unlike the previous one. One of the most basic ways we do
Expectations Vs. Reality: New Year's Eve

It was a dry and cold evening, perhaps to signify the departure of the dull nightmare that was 2020. Covind sat in his room, alone, dimly lit by the fancy bulb he’d ordered off
Reminiscing NITT - The Cycle of Life

Chirping birds, morning bustleThe roof over me, now an irksome hubBalmy air carries hurried conversationsOf one beckoning the other vehementlyMy thought train finds her sleepy headBut
Fake News Case Files #2 -Plagued by Cattle

A new problem now plagues the NUT-T campus’ general bustling — cows have begun to act in a berserk manner (more so than the variety that accompanies a particularly loud trolley
Interview: Aanand Mohapatra (Google, Prod-2013)

(This is a compressed version of the original interview. Please visit the uncompressed version to read the full interview, with more questions and insights)