Interview: Dr. Jayshree Seth (3M, Chem- 1989)

Corporate Scientist is a designation people may want to hear twice to understand correctly. How did the domains of corporate and research come together during your career
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Anime has not attained much popularity in India as compared to the rest of the world. One major issue is the lack of TV channels and legal websites for streaming and DVDs in stores. But
Expectations vs Reality - Adulting

As the sun peaks through the treefall gaps and into the steel frames, she is reminded of the day’s duties flipping to the gentle rusty fans. A blare of reality, she swings across her
Reminiscing NITT- The Pride of India

The chimes I once hated,The ones I'd blissfully forgotten,Ironically now fill my mind,Refreshed and resurgent

The dreadful year’s come to an end,Now my days turn reminiscentOf
Fake News Case Files #1 - A Conversation Overheard

"So you're telling me that there's been a break-in at the chemistry department? Thurman ma'am, you cannot be serious about this!"

"Hello… hello? I can't hear you