Interview: Venkatesh Basker (CSE - 2011)

Please state your current profile and explain your profile. If possible help us understand any previous profiles you’ve worked for.I finished my computer science degree in NITT
The Other Side of the Mirror

Disclaimer: This work of horror fiction was inspired by the popular legend, The Russian Experiment. Any relevance to a historical event, figure or place is purely coincidental. This story
Unimaginable Fantasies

“Lucky me. Always being in my favourite place.” Zarra quipped.

Her mother lauded her positivity. “Yes, dear. You’ll always be with me. Isn’t that your favourite place?”“No! It’s the backyard.
Character sketch of conventional fantasy protagonists

Fantasy is a genre that incorporates elements of various other genres in it, like: romance, adventure, crime, historical fiction. It is a way in which the most imaginative
Fantasy And Transcendence

Clinical Psychology, in its nascent stages, was considered to be a pseudoscience and it’s not difficult to see why. Initial practitioners, to be fair, were not very scientific in their approach.