Cover story on Sexual Harassment- Part 1


Since ages, when it comes to sexual harassment, India has held a mind-set which callously excuses an unbecoming behaviour. Thus it is not a surprise that India
Exam day- Online edition
Waking up to a familiar noise, I found myself covered in sweat and dreading the worst. It had been months since the phone rang, making me feel a part of civilization once again. It was my classmate
Interview: Sripathi Sridhar (EEE - 2017)
Explain your current profile.
I recently completed a Master's program in Music Technology at New York University. My research over the past couple of years has been in audio playback
An Elephant Sitting Still
'An Elephant Sitting Still' with a substantial runtime of 234 minutes is the first and the last masterpiece of Hu Bo, its writer, director and editor. Soon after completing the film's post production,
Lightyears Away

Mere looked at the morning starlight shining through the window, illuminating her soggy cereal. She had been eating the same breakfast for over a year and it hadn’t taken long for her to develop a distaste