All It Takes

A child held in the one hand,
A broom in the other.
She slogs all-day
Fixing the clutter.

Her family is her world,
Her heart belongs to two.
She had a passion–
A dream that didn’t come true.

What she lost,
She gained in part.
A child, a home,
A broken heart.

The house is spotless.
The child is sleeping.
The table set for one.
The one, her King.

She waits with bated breath.
The door opens wide.
In the darkness stands a figure,
He kicks his shoes aside.

He sits at the table,
Vexed is his face.
“I hope he likes dinner.”
She asks for a saving grace.

He has a spoonful,
And then two, and three.
He looks at her, bends down, and
Continues to eat.

The food was delicious,
Beyond his wildest dreams.
He tucked in and devoured till
he tore out his seams.

Fulfilled and thankful, but
The words caught in his throat.
She waited hopeful, alas he turned away
Disappointed, she broke.

I see this, and
All I have to say,
I, the caught words of gratitude,
Am all it takes to make her day.

A poem by Rakshitha.

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