Grapevine: “We Know Your Music History”

While the rest of the world is getting ready to enter the holiday season, students of the prestigious NUTT are setting foot into the exam season, busy begging for notes or oversharing about their pending deadlines on their Instagarb stories. 

Tensions in the institution escalated when SpotFive, the students’ go-to music app, released its yearly warp-up called Warped – a neat social engineering tactic to make the listeners feign superiority over others based on their music taste. Many saw this as a welcome relief amidst the End Semester stress as it contained tremendous potential for drama. 

There have been reports of factions being formed on the basis of the students’ music tastes. A particularly noteworthy incident occurred when a student, who had earlier shunned k-pop and dance-pop as “too mainstream and basic” had their SpotFive Warped leaked by an anonymous hacker, and the NUTT community witnessed Slayor Twist and Weekday on their Top 5 artists, with their Top song being “uR moM weeWoo’d by US”. 

This caused the factions to plunge into chaos and confusion as <no one agreed on which genre of music was the cool one anymore>. Later, the Twisties released a public statement sharing their top songs, which were coincidentally all from Midnights (9.15 PM) version, declaring that everything would be alright as long as their queen kept rising up from the dead and putting out bangers. 

To add to the chaos, we have compiled our SpotFive Warped favourites here for your amusement:


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