Toxic Beauty Standards

Look at my fat fingers 

They look so disfigured

Cried her little sister  

Look at my chubby cheeks 

They make me look so fat

Sobbed her brother

Look at my dark skin

I’m not pretty enough

Wept her friend

Look at my thin waist

My toned stomach,

My thigh gap and my lips

Look at me, you are not enough

Sneered the models on social media

Look at your big nose, your ears

Your acne and your hairy legs

Look at you, you are not pretty

Screamed her reflection in the mirror

We drown ourselves

in hatred and self-doubt 

Not realizing we are made 

Of lightning and starlight

So flaunt your dark skin, 

Your broad shoulders 

And your large feet 

And let the world crumble 

Under the weight of 

Your beautiful flaws. 


The official media house of NIT Trichy.

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