Cours d’Analyse

  1. The deserter turns and walks away. 
  1. The condemned is the visionary for whom the past, the present, and the future are all laid bare with the certainty of conscientious mnemonic or the finality of a sentence.
  1. The pharaoh, last among the wretched, walks through the desert alone.
  1. A flood of light extinguishes noise, smothers the world with precision.
  1. The midday sun illumines all consciousness.
  1. The longest shadow retreats from sight and inhabits its bearer.
  1. The gradual relevé of elongated legs, crossing, ends at the naked sun.
  1. To stare at the sun is to be blinded by the discovery of the unconscious. 

In a world of light, the perception of each dark spot or dull monster is a private act that only exists for itself. Each dark spot or dull monster combusts or is consumed by the fires of hell; the annihilation of the seer is so prefigured.

  1. An obelisk erected on a chariot splits the clear blue sky in two.
  1. A ring of fire encircles the obscured sun. 

The head of the steed crowns the black disc.


Before I waste my breath on the desert air: What remains of the present author’s indebtedness to Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud and James Douglas Morrison, whose flowering, like some strange luxuriant tropical undergrowth blushing unseen, took place somewhere between the one’s hallucinations and the other’s psychedelic excursions, and to whom he offered his first fruits and presently dedicates his last, is merely the sickly fantasy of being deflowered by a posthumous lover one has outgrown.

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