At Long last

Gaping, unblinking, at the screen-

Rinse and repeat, this trite routine;

It glowers at me, the forsaken machine,

This grim moment – how truly unforeseen.

Several tedious clicks of a button-

Another meeting, and then a few dozen

An abrupt shift – for all of a sudden;

High school just saw its conclusion.

Go forth, an untrodden path awaits-

One with novel onsets, and new mates.

A balloon of hope, it hastily inflates-

and just as quickly, miserably deflates.

The world rushes on, just as planned;

Dejected, here I am, left to stand.

Will I venture into the promised land?

No, not yet, there is more to withstand.

I dreamt a dream of bewitching delights-

Of college days, followed by joyous nights.

But the year has fled, there is no respite-

A myriad possibilities, all stand denied.

Those dearest to me, oh so far away-

For the latest chapter is now underway.

My life stands still – a perpetual delay;

No, not yet, for there is more at play.

The clock ticks, incessant and unending

What if -? No, there is no use in pretending-

This yearning is bittersweet and unrelenting;

Alas! Nothing ever did result from lamenting.

A year we have lost now, gone forever;

Robbed of unique adventures – however,

Yesterday is heavy, let us endeavor-

To put it down, these ties we shall sever.

A sublime future beckons you, fresher-

I reckon it was about time you met Her.

Each passing second, I’ve come to treasure;

For at long last we stand here, all together. 

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