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Adulting, what exactly is that? It’s certainly no coincidence that young adults who are unsure about maturity are being chastised for their lack of fundamental life skills. So, when we’re talking about Adulting in a Hostel, the first thing that comes to mind is laundry. Let’s be clear: it’s really challenging. As a result, it has been given its own section.

The Laundry Saga:
The procedure begins with a scowl at the overflowing laundry bag. Then there’s the matter of trying to get a washing machine because everything is continually functioning. It’s a jackpot when you eventually obtain one. It’s time to put your clothing in the washing machine and use the detergent you bought at the supermarket. 

So, what comes next? Do you get the impression that you’ve already completed your task? NO!

Now, before someone else decides to take your cleaned clothes and place them in a filthy bucket, you must pick up your garments after the machine is finished. Run! You’ve got this! Put them in your bucket and go find an empty dry string to dry them, which is a challenging feat in and of itself. Once you’ve located them, prepare to bend multiple times until you’re exhausted.

So, after drying them, it’s typical for us to forget about them for the following two days, at least until someone asks you to take them off. You must now collect them and place them in your bed. As a result, you’ll need to fold them and store them in the closet. Finally, you’ve completed this week’s objective. Just a friendly reminder to check the weather forecast before doing laundry, because if it’s monsoon, the garments will be wet for a longer period of time.

The next big thing is to manage your pocket money. We have a habit of overspending on canteen meals, other food booths, beverages, chips, birthday treats, birthday cakes, and so on. Basically, if you just eat the entire time, you will be broke. So, it is advisable to eat meals from the mess instead, on a regular basis.

You may set 326 alarms the previous night, but the only alarm that successfully wakes you up is your roommate screaming, “Geez, We are late!!” or the person next door walking into your room to borrow an extra clothespin. Following this, reaching class on time without missing your breakfast is a different level of achievement and truly deserves recognition.It’s therefore advisable to have an early bird friend at hand to grab you a piece of bread from the mess while you eat it in the middle of a lecture. Yes, masks truly are important. 

After days of being a litterbug, there finally comes a day when you realise there’s too much mess and it’s time to wake up the Monica Geller in you, to sweep, to mop, maybe pause for a quick snap of your roommate with the mop and post it with the caption “hire for rs 100 per day”, continue to sweep again, only to find it dirty again the following night.  

Hostel life brings a sense of independence you might never have experienced before. It’s like having to turn into an adult overnight because with great independence comes great responsibility. But somehow, year after year, people pull through until one day, hopefully, they get used to it?

This article was written by Haripriya and Disha

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