No Way Home

A promised land we once envisioned
In the pursuit of recapturing our home ground, 
We fell into comfort traps slyly laid on our stomping grounds
The familiarity of unfriendly family was the boon we cursed 
The gift we resented and the honour we scoffed at,

We created the perfect storm, by choosing a trial of blood and steel
So many little mistakes, as the snare lured and trapped our conscience
A pack we joined to win a race, participation was key that shut the door to our cage
We spent our precious grains of time focussing on the cracks, 
Little did we know that time would run out before our reign was over

A ray of sunshine dawned on the land of the heathens
Paradise was found, yet paradise was lost
It wasn’t long before myths got unveiled behind the fog of war
A heartless battle that drained many souls
Spontaneously turning dreams into nightmares

A realm of fellow comrades made peace with the impending war
Lead by the faith of finding the light behind the dark horizon
Desperate people joined forces to avert the primal urges to become desperados
We, thus, grew accustomed to the customs of a brand new life
One that echoed the sentiments of there being no way home

When did the most mundane of tasks become chores? 
When did we forget the difference between necessity and luxury?
When did we start to take things for granted? 
When did we detest the dark while forgetting those who strived to keep the light alive?

Perhaps, we could return to those times
When the noise wasn’t too loud yet didn’t have to dread silence
When we were excited to learn but didn’t feel compelled to excel
When we had comfort and security
Rather than having to seek comfort to patch our insecurities

A time that was simpler in many ways
Ah, we the prodigal children shall once again return to our birthplace
Armed with nostalgia, and welcomed with open arms
There shall be many doors that we will have to pass through
Before we set sights on those elusive gates

While the mask of anonymity may be lost, we must remain resolute 
While we might be far from the land we call home, we must remind ourselves of gratitude
Of the many mysteries and questions that shall never be answered
And while the tempest may threaten to capsize the ship of sanity, 
It takes courage to look through the storm and find a way to face reality

This race we run is a masquerade to compensate 
For the fear of missing out on opportunities
As time ticks life away, we better stop and say our grace
And reminisce on those magical moments that made the journey worth it
So let us catch our breaths before we lose another soldier to this game

While there may be no way home, it’s too late to turn back the clock
The longer you choose to live a life of lies, 
The less time you let your heart wander
And the longer your heart wanders
You shall find the love that will give a home to your soul

Poem by Amogh


The official media house of NIT Trichy.

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