Snow in Vain

Away from prying eyes,

She forms. Maiden of ice

Inherently curious, beautifully she grows

Along with her sisters of glaze.

Drifting down, mesmerized,

She floats towards the life below

Letting the wind carry her

Towards turbidity.

Her curiosity turns into impatience

At the thought of happy kids

Molding, twisting snow 

Into marvelous structures of

Imagination and beauty.

She felt drained, feeling the heat permeate through her

The heat of the ground, 

The cities and the factories. 

The dirty air slowly corroding

Changing her for the worse.

Seeing her sisters pass

Her belligerence reaches a peak

Rolling down with her battalion

Their thunderous march echoes the ranges.

With her anger quenched,

And her sisters in their graves

Going back to their mother

She reaches the ground

In solitude, she feels the mortals’ fear

Directed at her as she melts away.

This poem was written by Saatvik

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