The Sports Festival Insurrection

A week after what was considered to be one of the most dreadful days in NUT-T’s history, the admin made a futile effort to resolve the issue between the Union of Students Council (US-C) and the Committee Heading Intra-NUT-T Affairs (CHINA). On the day of the disaster, the online classes that were conducted turned into a war zone where the students (who refused to turn on their mic until that day) unmuted to scream “US-C for the win!”, and then kicked the professors out of their own classes. 

It is important to note that the US-C and CHINA have long distrusted each other due to conflicting opinions on just about anything. The US-C is an elected all-students body and CHINA, an all-profs- so you get the point. Another reason for this history of resentment is that the US-C handles all student-related issues that fall under NUT-T’s internal affairs category. CHINA, made up entirely of professors from the college, is a body which heads such committees. 

What is the point of having the US-C then? you might ask, but nobody knows the exact answer to date. “To give us a false sense of freedom!”, a member of US-C told Needs, the official college magazine, after her request to reduce the college fees was shut down.

To counter this apparent unfairness, the US-C have “agents” aka teacher’s pets tailing the professors so that they could get valuable inside information ranging from important CT dates to intricate plots designed to further bring down the already declining mental health of the students. 

Recently, one of the agents, RG Jagadeez, assigned to professor Kanagasabapathy, the indefinite head of CHINA, reported that after the Intra-NUTT sports festival, CHINA is planning to take over the US-C. The much anticipated sports festival, popularly known as the Olympics of NUT-T, is going to be a coming out party for CHINA, providing them with a stage to display their absolute power. As you might have already guessed, this piece of information sparked a college-wide protest to boycott the festival on a much larger scale than the one three months ago when students went on a strike demanding that low grades be abolished in the face of the pandemic. 

Soon an emergency conference was set up with the admin as the moderator. US-C attempted to use their agent RG Jagadeez’s information as leverage to make itself an independent body, seeking assistance from both the admin and the other committees. But since CHINA not only heads US-C but also is a superpower within the college, they ultimately made the final decision to exactly not do that. Instead, they decided to ignore the supposedly “mini” issue. 

The following is a short excerpt from our previous interview with professor Kanagasabapathy, attached for the sake of context.

Q) Do you think it’s fair that you get to head CHINA indefinitely without holding elections? 

A) I am the pride of NUT-T just like how NUT-T is the pride of India. I have served the college proudly all these years and will continue to do so till the day I die pa. 

Q) Do you think CHINA is against US-C sir?

A) Our priority is to care for our students. Everything we do is for the good of both the college and the students, even if they don’t want it. How can you ask me such an idotic question?

Q) What is CHINA’s next plan of action sir?

A) It was and always will be taking care of NUT-T’s Internal affairs only pa. I will not elaborate further. 

Disclaimer: Don’t believe fake news. If someone says fake news is fake, don’t believe them either.


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