MiSTcoin- Cryptocurrency For Fees?

It is the 14th of June, and things have changed beyond reckoning. One tweet has changed the very foundation of NUT-T (National University of Technology, Thuvakudi). The hashtag “#MiSTcoin”, a new crypto currency, has been on a significant rise since 9:04 pm yesterday. 

All of this is the result of one single tweet:

One word: MiSTcoin.

Never has there been such a “massive increase” in likes and retweets on a post till date, and the students are already questioning about the mode of payment for the upcoming semester. There has also been a rise in scams across the campus, along with a supposed rumour that the Crypto Support Group (CSG) has been hacked and is being used for crypto mining.

With the huge uproar about MiSTcoin and questions buzzing all around, an email from the official CSG account was reported to have been circulated in the institute’s webmail to all students. It is said to have contained details about the switch to MiSTcoin as the official currency of NUT -T and it also enclosed a link to a website claiming to be the crypto mining algorithm for MiSTcoin. 

Students wasted no time in voicing their concerns about this new currency.

A particular student had a genuine concern of whether the new crypto currency would have paper bills or coins, and accidentally mailed his concern to students@nut-t.edu— the mass mail address that reaches every student of NUT-T. Another student proceeded to voice out his concern regarding the inflation of prices as a consequence of MiSTcoin gaining traction.

The very helpful students of this enormous student fraternity of course responded promptly, thus helping them clear their query (maybe even multiple times).

Meanwhile, the link distributed by the certain scammers is rumoured to be a malware meant to install an illegal crypto mining software for MiSTcoin mining. This tutorial has been linked in order to help verify if the respective systems have not been compromised.

This newly conceived digital currency appealed to a niche group of technophiles on the campus. Various malicious entities have supposedly managed to hack into the NUT-T Supercomputer, located at Third-J, in order to mine the currency more efficiently.  The CSG is in a full-blown emergency trying to fix the issue and detect the exploited vulnerability. This leads to questions regarding the security of the systems on campus.

Due to the vast amount of energy that went into mining MiSTcoin, the carbon emissions around the campus have been on the rise.  The sweltering summer heat has almost become unbearable without constant air conditioning. This, in spite of being a mini change, has shaken the entirety of NUT-T to its very core.

Disclaimer: Don’t believe fake news. If someone says fake news is fake, don’t believe them either.

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