Fake News Case Files #4 – A Matrix Simulation

Few hours after the launch event hosted by C.H.I.N.A (Community of Healthcare Internist and Nurses of Asia) for launching a new kind of virus, which can effectively make every student’s dream of studying from home and every employee’s dream of working from home come true, a well-renowned professor from NUT-T, Dr. Kanakasabapathy had come out with a statement opposing the launch.

When we approached Dr. Kanakasabapathy to get his statement, he claimed to have been a part of another dimension where a similar virus was launched. He explained that the virus he saw in the other dimension spread whenever a person did not wear a mask over his/her mouth (not nose).

To prove that he had actually dimension-traveled, Dr. Kanakasabapathy took us to his lab CHEM69, where a break-in had been reported recently. When we reached there, Dr. Kanakasabapathy was accompanied by his student Shiva, who seemed to have been there in want of a project to mention in his CV (A smart plan, I must say).

Dr. Kanakasabapathy then narrated to us the story of how he came across a dimension plagued by a virus similar to the one launched by C.H.I.N.A. He showed us the very Portal Gun, on which he had been working for the past 6 months, that made this dimension-traveling possible. He further said that when he and Shiva exited the portal on the other side, the portal closed, and they were trapped there.

When we asked Dr. Kanakasabapathy to describe the world in which they were trapped, he said that the world was ruled by the Holy Vivekamunand. A lockdown had been initiated throughout the globe in response to the virus. Dr. Kanakasabapathy explained to us that in his 9 months stay there; he couldn’t really get a glimpse of the outside world. When we asked how he felt when he realized that he had been trapped there, he shrugged and said that it was nothing new for him to be in a pickle.

Dr. Kanakasabapathy explained how a student’s life there played out similar to a game (name of which is insignificant) in our world. A student’s everyday life package there included the following:

  1. Every day they had to be a part of a call where they didn’t want to talk but had to.
  2. An endless list of tasks that seemed repetitive had to be done without questions being raised.
  3. Not falling into the traps of people who gave a false sense of hope of helping during exams.

Only when the students emerged victorious through all of this, they could peacefully go to sleep only to be placed back in the same ship again.

When we asked them how they could escape from that dimension, they told us that they were lucky that the University of Bullford had come out with a vaccine. The information allowed them to come in contact with the Kanakasabapathy of that dimension. Dr. Kanakasabapathy made it a point to tell us that unlike him, the Kanakasabapathy of the other dimension had been going around the NUT-T campus, claiming NUT-T as his own property. The Kanakasabapathy of the other dimension helped them get their Portal Gun reverse engineered, and that’s how they escaped that nightmare.

We can confirm that the above incidents to be true as Dr. Kanakasabapathy and Shiva went missing for 6 months, as claimed by Dr. Kanakasabapathy’s colleagues and Shiva’s classmates. During the interview, we perceived Dr. Kanakasabapathy as extremely traumatized by the events from his disappearance to the break-in at the classified lab CHEM69. However, Shiva was seen smiling stealthily. Perhaps he was celebrating his victory with his beloved professor.

It’s through these experiences that Dr. Kanakasabapathy has opposed the launch of the virus. Over the days, the movement has gained popularity among the people who call themselves the R.G.S (Real Graders Society).

– Random Feeds Reporter


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