Feeds Recommends: The Mentalist

The hiatus from the real world has left everyone with a thirst for entertainment, and what better way is there to amuse yourself than crime TV. But after the many months spent quarantined, the movies seem bland, and it is always the husband who kills the wife. The plot appears to be predictable, and it no longer gives you the rush. After futile hours of browsing through the internet attempting to find a show which suits your liking, you might still end up disappointed. To save you from all the trouble, Feeds recommends a rare gem, ‘The Mentalist’.

The Mentalist revolves around Patrick Jane, a prominent former psychic who works as an independent consultant with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). His razor-sharp observation skills have an eminent reputation for a remarkable track record of solving serious crimes. Within the Bureau, Jane’s blatant lack of protocol, reckless disregard of rules, and knack of offending influential individuals infuriates many. How many ever be the lawsuits and restraining orders filed against him, his associates are still undeniably susceptible to his charm and his theatrical ability to unravel high profile cases. 

Patrick is a renowned con-artist as he claims to be feigning his psychic abilities. He was once formidable, prosperous and celebrated, but it all crumbles away after he brazenly decides to perform a psychic reading on an infamous serial killer named Red John on National Television. When Red John is insulted and belittled amongst the audience, he retaliates by murdering Patrick’s wife and daughter. Heartbroken and filled with self-loathing, Patrick decides to take things into his own hands as the CBI are clueless with no leads. The dance begins amidst the brilliant Patrick Jane and the wicked Red John bringing the electrifying thrill of adventure and mystery.

With the show’s progress, there is more to the killings than what meets the eye. The quest for Red John’s identity unfurls many other secrets that once again threaten the lives of Patrick and those close to his heart. Although the main protagonist steals the spotlight, the deuteragonists enthral the crowd with their eccentric personalities. Patrick’s associates often delight us with their petty fights, impossible bets, ditzy futile conversations and ironclad loyalty. Even after facing incalculable homicides and ruthless criminals, their childlike innocence to hope for a better world is heartwarming.

The Mentalist is determined to wreak the audience’s emotions with their out of the blue plot-twists, astounding story arcs, heart wrenching betrayals and beguiling romance. Even though Patrick Jane is no Sherlock Holmes, this masterpiece captivates the hearts of many mystery-lovers and will lighten your worrisome heart. Be warned for it is impossible to not to lose track of time. Happy bingeing!


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