Reminiscing NITT – The Cycle of Life

Chirping birds, morning bustle
The roof over me, now an irksome hub
Balmy air carries hurried conversations
Of one beckoning the other vehemently
My thought train finds her sleepy head
But a sharp squeal pops my reverie bubble
A game of dominos has now unfolded
In clashes and clangs, we’re swept off our wheels

And there she is, in all her glory
Her darting gaze and shuffling feet compete
As she scans through us all, one and the same
But for the letters of her name, inked on me in white
The wave of cycles catches her eye
Her feet begin working mechanically
The world spins faster, as do my wheels
All is a gleeful blur until finally, we screech to a halt.

The occasional chatter is my watch
As the tranquil hours pass by
The tower chimes in with the breeze
The chums’ laughter drowns the silence soon
As they sit huddled together amidst the clamour
Prattle over their pints and plates
The canopy now shadows us, home
And the grip loosens.

I stand now, in gloomy silence
Covered in the dust of my own memories
Reliving days that were normal
Solitude, my only companion
The times when the lock clicked, grip unfamiliar, now amusing
I wish to be stolen again
This time, by the past
To days of life and exuberance.

Ragavi Vijayaragavan

One small thought for a spark, and there's ready an over thinking explosion in my head

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