Reminiscing NITT- The Pride of India

The chimes I once hated,
The ones I’d blissfully forgotten,
Ironically now fill my mind,
Refreshed and resurgent

The dreadful year’s come to an end,
Now my days turn reminiscent
Of the Pride of India, the hourly trend,
Thrown back to campus, and the times we spent

It all comes rushing back to me,
You watching over me, progress meter of my day
Chiming through classes, meals and play,
And as the gates closed, the final gong, ‘til next day

The anxiety of the chimes in the morn’,
The pleasure they brought at noon,
The disappointment with each one past dusk
All part and parcel of a life now covered in dust

Sadness mounts as reality dawns, 
My days now devoid of the hourly drawls,
Of the presence of the voices around
That collectively mourned as the tolls sounded on

Miss you I do, more than I care to admit,
But the New Year still kindles a sliver of hope,
That the end is nigh, the chimes shall return, 
And so too, shall the bustle I’ve come to yearn…


Second-guessing my way through life...

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