Case 107511/B; missing persons

(Note:The Weekend Watch is an organisation dedicated to the safety of the people of Maine, headquartered at South Portland. Every citizen of Maine above the age of 50 is mandated to volunteer for the watch, 48 hours a month. The volunteers are appointed to towns randomly. Initiated by the Governor, at the wake of the new year, citing the increase of criminal activities in Maine. The following excerpt is from the evidence pertaining to the chain of missing persons cases, that went cold, which were released by an acclaimed private investigator named Steven Czar)

Det. Mike Myers served in the Augusta Police Department for 15 years, specialising in homicide, he was instrumental in the apprehension and conviction of the Scranton strangler before his transfer to the APD. 

Det. Mike Myers’ Journal

Jan 4th 2001: Had an appointment with Dr. Hutcher today, she insisted that I go on a vacation, at least a couple of days away from guns and criminals. Submitted her eval. at the PD, got the weekend off. Called Julia, told her about spending the weekend away. Not much work. Booked a room at the Strawberry Seaside Inn for the weekend. Reached home at around 6. Jules was happy about the coming weekend. We finished packing very soon and watched some TV. Sadly the TV’s tube shorted at about 8. The Thursday Report seemed kinda nice, will have to wait till next week.  

Get new CRTs for the TV.

Jan 5th 2001: Had a really sore throat when I woke up. Flawless Gollum impression. We were ready to leave by around 8AM, so that we reached  the resort in time for a nice sunbath. The radio seemed loopy, not sure why, should get it fixed once we get home.  

Reminder: fix car radio.

We reached on time. Around noon, Jules and I went sunbathing, and later we surfed for a while. The mimosas they serve here are simply awesome. We had a late lunch and rested till 6. Jules went out for a swim, I’m gonna stay back and watch some TV.

Around midnight: I fell asleep right in the chair. Julia hasn’t returned yet. Checked with the front desk, they say she hasn’t checked in the surfboard yet. I don’t know what to do. Is she safe? What if she was kidnapped? I’m gonna go search along the coastline.

Jan 6th 2001: 9AM What am I going to do? Where is Jules? It’s been almost ten hours and no sign of Jules anywhere nearby. I’ve filed an official complaint with Rockport PD. They said the Governor’s here on some kind of a tour asking people to sign up for his ‘Weekend Watch’ program, I’m gonna ask him to officially allow me to take over the case.

12 noon: Met with the Governor. I’m to unofficially handle Julia’s case.  Dispatched four search parties, two into the city and one along the beach, and one with the coast guard, just. There’s no reason for her to have gone far. Was she kidnapped? Why would someone kidnap her? She has done nothing wrong ever in her life. I’ve shifted to a local Inn called Barnes’ Inn, closer to the Police station.

Jan 7th 2001: A Rockport PD Officer has been pestering me around, since this morning. A while ago, he slipped me a note saying he has some leads I should check out. Asked him to meet me at a Local Cafe at around 3. Hopefully, his lead will give some result. I cannot bear to think what Julia is going through right now

2:30 PM: The search party that went into the city came back with no results. I swear to God these people are growing lazier by the hour. 20 years in the force, all the cases I’ve solved, all those people that I’ve helped, and I can’t find you Julia. I’m gonna go check out what leads Clarkson has. Oh God, Julia. Where are you? 

(While he worked on his missing fiancée’s case, Det. Myers had set up an ad hoc office in a local Inn, where I found his journal, charred for the most part, behind a burned TV set)

The following is the transcript of the statement Clarkson released to the press when the missing persons case(s) of Det. Myers and Julia Mills were declared cold.

“When I met with Detective Myers, he was on vacation in the Strawberry Seaside Resort. He came to the Rockport PD to file a complaint, to find his missing fiancée. It was not much of a case to work on and he knew that too. Zero leads, zero witnesses of any sort. Ms. Julia was last seen surfing by some of the other guests at the resort. He kept asking us for updates on the case after every hour. He was in a very disturbed state. He came to the PD at about noon on the 7th of January asking if I had gotten any leads. To see a great detective in such a state was very depressing. I took him along with me to meet a CI of mine, a pickpocket who operates on the beaches. Det. Myers questioned the man with such fervour, he was shocked to his core. My CI had seen her and revealed a purse he found on the beach just outside the resort. It had Ms.Julia’s photo and her driver’s license. He snatched it from the informant and gave him whatever cash he had. On our way back to the Police station, we stopped for a cup of coffee. He asked to be left alone and said that he’ll find his way back to the resort. I just wish I could’ve helped him. [voice breaking]. He didn’t answer his phone, I went to his hotel the next day to check if he’s okay. His room was in shambles – sheets and curtains torn, bottles of whiskey and rum and a lot of ash and cigarette butts. The hotel staff haven’t heard from him since the previous evening. We tried contacting the Det.’s residence in Augusta, the landlady said she hasn’t heard from him since Jan 5th. It pains me to say that we could not rescue either of them. With no promising leads on either of their cases, we had to declare them cold.”

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