The Ten Incarnations

After our world’s birth,

And I don’t know if this is true,

They say on this Earth

Existed a man called Manu.


In a great flood, he caught a fish,

And tied his boat to its horn.

It cut through water in a swish,

Saved him, and then was gone.


Vishnu lay on his snake

When two factions fought.

They proposed equal stakes

On what they sought.


They wanted to churn the ocean,

But Mandara sank like residue.

Amidst all this commotion,

A turtle came to their rescue.


Hiranyaksha was a horror.

And the whole Earth trembled.

He spread around his terror

Scattering the Devas assembled.


He sunk Earth in a sea, Underworld

Then set out on a gruesome mission.

A boar retrieved the planet, then hurled

Him to his death. End of situation.


His brother raged then meditated,

Getting an impossible boon.

He couldn’t be killed as stated-

In or out, man or animal, by sun or moon.


A lion-man burst out of a pillar,

Hailed by Prahlad, his son,

And put an end to the killer;

Threshold at twilight, the deed was done.


Bali was a powerful king.

He coveted, and won at any cost.

But the Devas wanted to bring

And end to his deeds, because they lost.


Enter, a dwarf asking

For three feet of space.

On Earth, the sky, the head of the king,

Putting him in his place.


Ram was an angry guy.

He went on a killing spree.

Kings were left to die,

As he watched them morbidly.


Lesson: let sleeping dogs lie.

But later, he laid his weapons down,

Always keeping an eye

On anyone who wore a crown.


Ramachandra, a prince,

Was an expert archer like whom

The world hasn’t seen anyone since.

Often, he helped people in doom.


He set out with monkey flocks,

Fought and won the Lankan strife,

Built a bridge of floating rocks,

To get back his kidnapped wife.


Then came a charming flautist,

Who danced and stole butter,

From every villager on his list;

Leaving them awed, as they stuttered.


Peacock feather on his forehead,

Dark as a rain filled cloud,

Hordes of people, he led

With his smile. To him, they bowed.


It is said that Siddhartha

Is the next one who paved,

The way for a new era

His teachings, something to be raved.


His enlightenment was a miracle.

He sought answers and knowledge.

His face shone in a divine circle,

As he fulfilled his pledge.


And soon time will lead

To a period when a great rider,

Comes on a magnificent white steed,

To help every bider.


Shining in his hand,

Will be a sparking Ratna Meru.

But these are all speculations and

Do you think that they’re true?

Vaishnavi Murali

Multipotentialite here! NOT a 'Jack Of All Trades'.

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