Sacred debris

The creation of the universe surely tops the list of life’s greatest mysteries. Even the most brilliant minds have been left baffled, leading us to believe that maybe there is some cosmic authority that human minds cannot fully dissect. There have been a multitude of theories and beliefs trying to explain the existence of God and the universe.

One such belief attempts to tie everything together, proposing that god and the universe are one and the same. Pandeism is a theological doctrine according to which the creator became the universe. Or as Scott Adams simply put it, “we are God’s debris”. In his book which goes by the same name, he talks about how the motivation to exist doesn’t govern just living beings on earth, but also the creator itself. 

Everybody has a reason to live. Even if people discover their passion at different stages in life, the mystery of tomorrow keeps most of us going. But our creator already knew the future and thus had no motivation to continue its existence. The only thing the creator didn’t know, however, was what would happen if it ceased to exist. Thus the creator made the sacrifice to obtain knowledge about the only thing that was a mystery- to exist as our universe, as all things in it and all of us within it. 

As Warren B. Sharpe said, “God transformed into the whole universe. God is the universe, and everything in it. But the universe doesn’t know that because that would ruin the suspense. The universe is God’s great drama, and God is the stage, the actors, and the audience all at once”.

There have been numerous debates discussing the religious inclinations of various fictitious works like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes etc. Allegations that the world of Harry Potter promotes evil practices ranging from witchcraft to Satanism has led it to be even banned in certain countries. 

However, pandeism argues that while reading Harry Potter, it is quite obvious that it doesn’t have any religious dimension to it, except the occasional Christmas celebration and Valentine’s Day and the concept of resurrection as explored in the final volume. There is no discussion of faith in a higher power or a supreme being. Whenever there is a quandary, they seem to turn to magic and not prayers. That being said, Harry Potter is also inconsistent with atheism, since magic, a metaphysical phenomena, is the very foundation of their world, while atheists refuse to believe in the existence of such  “anomalies”. Thus, Harry Potter’s world can be thought of as one of supercharged Pandeism- one wherein certain segments of the society attain the ability to harness the energy of the creator due to evolution and this magic is seen as a useful entity by the people, though they are unaware of its origin. 

In a time like this, what everybody is looking for is a little hope. Hope that we can go back to a life of freedom and independence, a life without restrictions and locked doors. Most of us are probably praying everyday that this virus goes away as suddenly as it came into our lives. But for those of us who don’t believe in prayer, maybe Pandeism offers a new interpretation of our notion of god. Maybe the idea that we all have a part of our creator within us and all around us offers hope. Or maybe, I’m wrong. Maybe it’s all just a theory. 

Pooja Srinivasan

I'll see you on the other side.

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