Brahma’s living room is my abode. Turns out I’m quite popular among the Earthlings. Perhaps it all began with Aristotle, who theorized that it was because of their nature that heavy bodies moved ‘down’ and light things moved ‘up’, not because of unnatural forces. But my noble kyrios Aristotle forgot to clarify the independent existence of the referential nature of words like ‘up’ and ‘down’. Flowing amidst theories, hypotheses, laws and what-nots of science, I and time moved on to 1644. This was when Descartes painted a picture of the Hydrodynamic universe, i.e. matter in space was like ice cubes in a bucket of water, the direct implication of which was that space moved with the motion of matter. To completely understand the motion of bodies, they said, it became necessary to understand what space absolutely was…what I absolutely am. Whether absolute space prevails or if it is all relational. Hmm…

Interpretations of Descartes’ work led to a belief that he was aware of the relational nature of space (and thus of motion), but the poor monsieur wanted to avoid religious conflicts. The notorious concept of relative motion was implying that earth can move around the sun by just changing the observer. The Catholic Church, on the other hand, had a belief that the sun revolves around the Earth. Descartes was afraid that Catholic Church wouldn’t find it entertaining to thrash their ideology and diminish their image. So, throughout his text, he used a form of writing prevalent at that time to give a sense of superiority to the ‘true-motion’ concept of the sun revolving around the Earth, which the Church agreed upon. Thus, avoiding a house arrest unlike his mate, Galileo. Being a writer helps, afterall. Moving on.

Source: True Motion?

Among Brahma’s Earthlings, a common trend prevails. If you talk of Me, Motion or Time, you must Newton-ise. Well, I don’t abide by your rules, so pardon me for not hailing him all high and mighty. But, he played a significant part through his renowned Bucket Experiment. Later, when Leibniz proposed his relational views on space, a Newtonian Samuel Clarke debated with him through what was known as Leibniz-Clarke Correspondence. My herr Leibniz sent his thought experiments, whereas Clarke had Newton’s well-received Bucket experiments as return gifts. Even though I deem all of you equals, people back then had their ways. Since Newton had more followers, his Bucket remained untouched for almost two centuries, when Mach knocked it off with his relational story and thus, supporting Leibniz. Finally, with Einstein’s proposal of principle of relativity, the scale on the side of relationalism became heavier on absolutism. And, I felt a clearer vision of my identity.

I patted on Einstein’s shoulder. But, it took a while for reality to get hold of my hand praising the reason for my non-existence. All this while, I had been looking for an answer, never thinking even once that relational view equalled me to nothingness – a rag doll in an observer’s hands, just a word to be toyed around in conversations, amounting to be merely bysided and easily overthrown by a frame of reference. A lost kid inside me is running rampant in search of parents, my humble roots. There comes a time when one feels to act, to no more watch the stories from the sidewalks, and assume the lead instead. Perhaps, this one blow gave me that moment.

Source: Making a little space in narrow minds

And, here I am now, searching for my meaning in all these closed room congregations, in these huge estate buildings, in overcrowded slums, and even in some casual conversations between people where I catch my name – for only the name exists in the end. I peep into all possible Earthen relationships, hitherto unbeknownst to me. I see Maria scribbling in her diary, which appears to be her daily journal. Her suppressed thoughts, her dying individuality that her parents have turned their faces away from. What she is reciting is the story of forced abortion of her opinions. And she needs Space, she says. Her personal space I realize. Another window I look into and see Satrupa and Manu bawling at each other, another tale of breakdown and Manu leaves, saying, “he needs” and somehow I know what. On another lane amidst a web of millions, I find Shelja asking Lisha politely, if she can have a few days for herself out of their relationship. And space, I conclude. While passing by a huge corporate building, Amir’s tears-speckled keyboard held me. One more Eid, away from home. The space bar on the keyboard is evidence. Yet another reminder of my painful existence.

However, I also find relief in the music composed with love and sung beautifully somewhere in my journey. “Perfect spacing, Kayzy!” lauds the musician’s coach. And, a ‘space’  I relive a thousand times in my mind to outlive all the past ones. I stray into colleges where Joe and Jim come closer, making what I know is the space in narrow minds of society. From mathematical classes about learning concepts of space to telecommunication companies where deep discussion on my various meanings take place; from the press space in advertisements to disk space in computing, I find my veins strengthening with what these dwellers call Technology.

Source: Space personified?

Strange, how I am nothing, yet everything; the reason for your woes and worries, yet a soothing melody to let those worries vent into nothingness; non-existent, still on every tongue, once in a while. On one hand, I am getting weaker in my own ontology. On the other hand, I am becoming powerful as technology. I prevail nowhere yet pervade everything. Strange. Perhaps I am the loophole of my own loop. Perhaps, I am not the one invading Brahma’s living room.

Perhaps, I am the Brahma. 

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