The sun knows not the trees

that grow under its light,

blissfully unaware of the sunflowers

that face it with reverence, pious obsession.

The moon never knows the tides

it controls, the waves that lap

upon your sandy toes as you gaze up

towards the sliver of silver, serendipity.

The stars will never know

that its dust that inhabit our souls,

in all its longing and all its love

make us complete.

I see you deliberating; unsure, unwise,

wanting to leave because you find none

no purpose in waiting, none in staying.

Thoughts that stem from haste


Yet unbeknownst to you

your love can move mountains, raise tsunamis

within people, places you never suspected

and always knew all along.

Stay, for the sun still shines, the moon

still reflects, and the stars still twinkle.

Your presence; celebrated, desired.

A smile the stars laugh along with,

echoing into the abyss,

A joy uncharted.

Stay for the meteor within you that

shoots across the sky in search, endlessly,

for its destiny; its reason and place,

for the moons that revolve around you,

for the suns you revolve around.

Yes, selfish beggary.

Stay, because it’d be unfair

for the skies to open up and rain upon earth

and the flowers to bloom in ecstasy

soaking it all in; glory and mirth

without you to bear witness.

Stay, for me.

Sunil Jagatheesan

I just wanna ride in the sky, In a blue Cadillac

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