Case 118051/D; missing persons

(Note:The Weekend Watch is an organisation dedicated to the safety of the people of Maine, headquartered at South Portland. Every citizen of Maine above the age of 50 is mandated to volunteer for the watch, 48 hours a month. The volunteers are appointed to towns randomly. Initiated by the Governor, at the wake of the new year, citing the increase of criminal activities in Maine. The following excerpt is from the evidence pertaining to the chain of missing persons cases, that went cold, which were released by an acclaimed private investigator named Steven Czar)

Richard Manson’s Journal

29/03/2001 – Today was pretty much the same as any other in the past few weeks in Maine. Lucy made cupcakes this evening, not bad. At about 7:30 PM, the TV’s tube shorted, I tried to fix it with the spare, but about one-fourth of the screen, from the top left corner, remained black. The Thursday report (hence) aired without the face of the host, we took turns placing our reflections where his face would be, not much in the news, some more missing persons filed. The list of the weekend watch was announced, town-wise, Tim was called in, at Cape Elizabeth. Beth and I accounted for the supplies used and rationed the remaining until the next Wednesday before the next batch comes, can’t afford another warning.

30/03/2001- Sent Tim off, in the 5 o’clock bus, fishy business I’d say but his choice. Beth booked a room for him at the Barnes Inn and gave him 50 bucks for his stay at Cape Liz.  At 8 AM Tim called, said he reached safe and was leaving for his duties. Tim called again from a payphone at about midday, said that they are involved in one of the missing persons case, of a William T and that he got to meet with the Governor himself. The day passed just as soon as the others did. Lucy, Beth and I reorganized the kitchen. Lucy suggested we watch cartoons for the entire evening, which we did.

02/04/2001- 9AM: Tim was supposed to have arrived by 6 in the morning, he hasn’t yet arrived. The innkeeper said he had left at around 5 PM the previous day. I have decided to call in sick, and leave for Cape Liz aboard the 10 o’clock bus. 

      10AM: The Baker at the bus station said that he had seen Tim at about quarter past 5, probably waiting for a bus. The police filed a missing persons.

I called Beth, told her what happened, I could hear her sobbing, after all, Tim was like a father to her. I could hear Lucy ask why she’s crying. I tried to console her, I assured her that Tim would’ve probably gone to some buddy of his’s and would be home soon. I went to the police station later at 5PM hoping for some updates. Officer Clarkson,who handles the string of missing persons cases, specially appointed by the Governor himself, thinks that people being sent to unfamiliar towns as a part of the Weekend Watch is what makes his job harder. It seemed off that an officer specially appointed would have such lethargic comments.

 “Timothy Jones” he noted down in his pocketbook, as if he was keeping scores in a golf match. He spoke with a certain de blazo attitude that gave me a feeling that he isn’t up to the task he’s been given. I shrugged it off, the Governor himself appointed him.

I have decided to spend the night at Barnes and leave tomorrow, on the 11 o’clock. 

03/04/2001- 10 AM: I went back to the police station at 9 PM, to check in once before I left. I saw Officer Clarkson leave the station hurriedly. I called out to him, to no avail. He put on a trench coat and pulled down the hood to his eyes. I went into the police station and recognised a small notebook on the bench, Clarkson’s pocketbook, I snuck it out, walked a small distance away from the station. The pocketbook had 47 names in it along with some personal info, most of them had a red dot on the first letter of their names, some dark, some bright. What does it mean? Is Clarkson the kidnapper? Does the red dot mean they’re dead? Did he kill them? I have to find out more. I will phone Beth from the nearest Payphone and tell her I won’t be coming home today. 

Probably noon, the same day: I remember a sharp pain at the back of my head, did I phone Beth? Did I tell her?

I am not sure where I am or what day/time it is, it is damp and the place reeks of a foul smell. I vaguely remember seeing Clarkson say something like “You got too close” as I turned. Whoever brought me here, didn’t check my inside pockets, lest they would’ve found this journal. My vision is blurry and my head still hurts. With the dim light, I could only see stacks of coffin-like boxes. They appear to have something like a seal, It reads “Office of the Governor, Maine”, In one of the boxes, below the seal was written “WT”, and another had the seal and “TJ”. Is Tim here? Is he alive? Where am I? Why is the Governor’s seal on boxes in such a shady place? 

Footsteps… Footsteps… Someone’s coming, this might be my last entry…

I love you Beth. Take care of Lucy, tell her how much her daddy loves her. I’m sorry I couldn’t find Tim.  

Clipping of The Times – 05/04/2001

Many More Missing in Maine! 

Reports of people going missing are flooding in, the police say they are continuing their investigation. Adding to yesterday’s count; Timothy Jones- Scarborough, Johnathan Rivers- Augusta, David Cove- Cape Elizabeth, Richard Manson-Scarborough, Phillip Richardson Jr- Biddeford, Robert California- Westbrook. Officer Clarkson, who handles the cases, says “We are looking into it, with organ trade and smuggling is increasing at an alarming rate, we are approaching the issue from that angle as well, No consignment leaves the state of Maine unchecked. It is of great importance that the public help the police, through the Governor’s Weekend Watch program, depending on the need, the reduction of the age bar for the mandated volunteers will be considered and implemented. 

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