Haimur innan

Ere stood mighty Nag Re,

subdued and suppressed and put to sleep

for ages, 

woken by a kindred spirit 

that those of yore called oge, of the forked tongue,

a prick with his piercing cold words, 

crawling, slithering 

and conjuring dark thoughts,

making his way through time.

Up stood Nag Re, with broken chains of iron,

fiery and red. 

The grass at his feet burned to char,

and with a mighty flash, emerged his wings

of fire and darkness.

A great distance away, on slightly higher ground,

stood a pale, withered figure,

bent with age, stooping on a staff,

an old greybeard, Enpsihaps, the grand Sorcier.

His robes fluttered

with the gushing wind, 

making an icon of red and white.

He saw Nag Re staring at him,

“Vertu”, he whispered 

into the howling wind, 

forth came a hand and bore down on Nag Re.

Gnarling, and grunting, Nag Re

struggled to keep himself up, 

as his feet dug into the ground, 

“GAAAAH” Boomed a voice 

Raef, an otherwordly creature

at whose feet the grounds shook, 

landed right at the middle.

He smirked at Enpsihaps 

and smote his axe on the ground. 

Enpsihaps gasped, 

his eyelids opened wide in bewilderment, 

and went pale, losing hope by the minute.

The hand loosened its grip, 

Nag Re broke loose and shot up into the sky

with his fist extended, bellowing,

as Raef split the ground and opened a chasm. 

“Skjöldur!” yelled Enpsihaps, 

and the grass beneath his feet uprooted and became his shield. 


bellowed Nag Re as he now bore down on Enpsihaps’s defence.

Crack! Crack!


The shield of grass shattered and gave way!

“Baaah,” groaned Enpsihaps as he fell to the ground.

Raef and Nag Re stood side by side, 

looking down on Enpsihaps,

at his sorry state and

both roared with laughter as the grounds burned 

and the earth turned to char.

Enpsihaps hid a handful of grass in his staff and bound his soul to its guard, with his dying breath, 

he whimpered “Endurnýja.”

The charred ground blistered, scrambled by fire and darkness, 

as Raef and Nag Re reigned the world to ash.

Yet stood undefeated, unburnt and unaffected 

Enpsihaps’s staff.

When all seemed lost, 

and the world around made ash,

still stayed green, the grass

in Enpsihaps’s staff. 

For within hid the essence

of life and all things good,

preserved and protected. 

On it was carved in letters of gold

“When the time comes, 

the world will crumble onto itself,

yet, be born will new light,

to unite the forces of nature,

of emotion and of thought. To create the world anew, which Enpsihaps will scale.”

Sriram A

I am many things but mostly, I'm a servant of the secret fire and a wielder of the flame of Anor. I'm also an engineer (in case you missed it).

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