The Dance of Death

One truth remains my friend…

When the journey of life reaches its end

When sorrow tears your heart to shreds

Claws of pain, your soul they rend.

Till you remain with but a single thread

That anchors your ethereal form, holding you from your end.

The roar of chaos all around,

You yearn for an end that cannot be found…

Screaming in agony, with none to hear,

You feel the cold clammy chains of fear…

Wrap themselves around you, as a yawning rent appears

The knowledge of what awaits you

Weighs down on your soul..

Chained and bound you let loose a wail..

Even your ghostly face should not be so pale..

Staring at the gaping maw

Your soul begins to freeze..

A ghostly shiver up your spine..

Your very essence begins to waver..

Like a fish in a raging torrent, a leaf in a storm

Tugged inexorably towards the gate,

You start to lose your meager form..

In that moment realization hits you like a mailed fist,

As your life flashes before you..

What life gives, death takes

The reaper never makes mistakes

Before his scythe all distinctions fall

Lords and ladies, rich and poor

Young and old, doesn’t matter at all.

On distant battlefields, he strides

With blood and screams and destruction around

Humanity shows its darker sides

Atrocities and crimes abound

Where there is light, there is dark..

The hounds of hell begin to bark..

As the battle draws closer..

Brave men and cowards, begin to chant..

“No matter where, be it land or sea..

Under the ground or in a tree

No matter when, no matter why..

Even hardened souls will one day cry..

Begging to be free..

From the horror that is life.”

The generals pour over maps.. contemplate attacks and counters..

In their hands the fates of millions..    

Death arrives in myriad forms..

A soft sigh.. as a contented soul leaves

A desperate gasp as a crushed chest heaves..

Soldiers cry out for mothers and loved ones..

Their fiery pain so intense.. one is scorched for life.

What was the reason for their strife??

Some with torn throats.. blood bubbles through..

Desperate, weakening hands try to stem the flow.. as their blood paints the ground with its hue..

Others with limbs lost…stare at the weeping wounds… their eyes glazed with pain..

They fought for whose gain??

The clash of weapons a deafening roar..

The spirits of the warriors soar..

Many are gripped with bloodlust.. as into the fray they are thrust.

The veterans fight with cool detachment…hardened to the core..

Each wishing for someone else to rise to the fore..

Many die without lifting a hand…

Some descend upon their enemies like thunder..

And cringe inside as they tear foes asunder..  

Through this all, the reaper walks.. the lord of the slain..

As their vision fails…darkness clouds their mind..

The dying are humbled by their find..

Feeling him draw near.. a figure forever bowed..

Feeling the grief emanating from him..

At the destruction wrought…

See fools…what your actions have brought..

With a sigh he says..

“Do not think now of the futility of war… why.. because it is futile to do so…

You think life is only a few choices and judgments you must make…

Drive such thoughts from your minds for they are fake..


No man or woman questions his judgment then..

“There is only one truth… my friends

Let everything fly…

For death.. yes death…does not lie”

Swaminathan R

A writer by choice and an engineering student due to circumstances. An avid lover of music and sports too!

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