Feelings Of Inertia (Inklings Day 8)

“Roll no. 1… 2… 3…”

This is the usual cue for the student to wake up from yet another boring class.

“Why bother to attend class when all one does is to sleep?” you might ask. The answer can be summed up in one word – Attendance. Students attend class only for attendance or the lack thereof. What does all this mean? Is it the terrible fate of the student to suffer in the hands of the vicious predator (aka faculty) or can he somehow break free?

The answer to the above question is a double-edged sword. While the solution might be an alligator bait, the consequences are like devil-spawn. The solution to the above problem is to simply stop going to class. Bunking holds its allure before the eyes of the frustrated backbencher. 

I’ll try to explain the feeling of bunking with as little words as possible:

The roll-call counts down,

Wrestling fate’s control away:

The loafer bunks on

A sense of achievement follows, after bunking a class, in the initial stages. A fresher, after his first bunk, will be so excited that he wouldn’t have accomplished what he set out to do by bunking in the first place. 

There’s another major type of bunking that has nothing to do with attendance. It’s more inclined to one of humanity’s most wretched of the seven sins: Sloth. Waking up after a class was scheduled, or not waking up at all are some of the most widespread reasons, followed by pure laziness. It becomes a herculean task to leave Aquamarine or Zircon just to attend one English class. The hellhole of a room that the student occupied will somehow turn into the world’s most comfortable 7-star suite that one possibly can’t even imagine affording.

The pull that these two things have over the student is both magical and frightening simultaneously:

    Sloth and boredom can

    Cover the eyes with sugar

    Until ants attack

But be it a sin or not, bunking is an essential part of college, where the student holds a dagger over his own life due to his decisions and only through pain does one learn a permanent lesson. And through it, he’s forged in flames for the merciless future called ‘life’. And down the line, it’s memories of such shenanigans that will make one’s life lively and brighter.

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