Search For Sneaky Solutions (Inklings Day 7)

Strength of soul suddenly,
Confronts dizziness,
Cozy cot, fool’s paradise, weaken it.
Should I shower?
Should I sleep?
Or should I sleep in shower?
But starving too.
Battle in brain begins,
Searches some secret solutions,
Octa is the place, comparable to none,
Whenever you see the brighter sun,
Octagon, its too much fun!
Providing chills in scorching afternoon,
You think frooty can,
But not for long.
Finding system free, another objective,
A room, full of people, still it’s still!
Everyone engrossed,
In exhausting endeavour
Highly encouraging,
When books seem boring.
Twinnet and third-I stand beside,
Best siblings, supporting side by side.
From PDFs to PPTs,
Forms to letters,
The print outs from nine to five,
Saving the hoi polloi.
Considerable concern,
Cycle requires,
Else fallen on ground,
Painted with poop,
Incomparable irritation
Awaits you!

-Nishi Agrawal


The official media house of NIT Trichy.

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