What They Have To Say… (Inklings Day 6)

Some know me as the lovers’ fave
To others, I’m a hangout space
On which memories are to be made
No bird ever passed me by and thought
Ere’s a spot where I shall not poop
Bore me not with your tales of woe
Engineered with tears of sorrow,
Nightmares about the morrow
Care not about she who left, ‘cuz
Here you’ll find thousands of
Enamouring sights that make you
Say, there’s more to life than I ever thought…
Hail the conversations you’ll have
Among the closest of your friends
Vainly trying to figure out whether the
Elixir of life’ll ever be within your reach
Study sessions, or so you’ll call,
Them gatherings that’ll soon
Outlive their usefulness and
Revert back to good old gossip
In complete disregard of the
Exam looming right above your
Sorry selves
To all those four years or more
Of joy do make a toast, ’cause…
Tomorrow you’ll all be gone,
Entrapped in the Corporate world
Lonely and struggling to find your place
Longing to be back with me again.

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