The RG-Fication (Inklings Day 3)

There exists a term in NIT-T, introduced to the freshers the very first week they set foot in the campus. It’s called ‘the RG’. Most wondered what it meant, and some were curious enough to approach seniors and ask for sauce.


NIT-T lore talks of an existence called the RG or the “Relative Grader”, which is a human machine built to mow down the competition ahead of its direct line-of-sight and any that will possibly pop up in the near future by scoring unbelievably high GPAs in every semester to the ire of both its friends and classmates.

Noun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, any other word in grammar

Usage: Any and every situation where it’s definitely not ok to embarrass the victim.

The first CT of the First semester was when realization struck, and mass hysteria began spreading.

“19.75 on a math CT aah?” When the second highest mark would’ve just touched 15. This has led many young victims to the path of living in the library, leading to more misery.

Since everyone reading this right now are familiar with the RG, let’s understand why RGs exist and how one can become an RG.

Who is an RG?

Not everyone can become an RG, and not everyone who scores a 10-pointed GPA can be called an RG. For you see, to be named ‘The RG’, one needs be able to flex as subtly as possible about your GPA every few seconds, just by merely existing and if this wasn’t enough, there’s another criteria, of having certain qualities that will be explained shortly

How to spot an RG:

If you call that person an RG and they say, “Not like that and all…” and blush cutely, then they are the perfect stereotypical RGs you can come across in this huge 800-acre campus.

How to: RG

Step 1: Don’t, just don’t. The mere fact that you’re reading this is proof that you’re not RG material.

Actual Step 1: An RG never studies.  Under no circumstance should one accept that he is studying for a test or assignment. He who is an RG is always prepared for the tests and finishes the syllabus before the faculty even start teaching the concepts in class.

Step 2: An RG makes the above point believable by ‘constantly having fun’. An RG makes it appear as though he has a life, compared to the standard NIT-Tian and takes part in every fest that is around the corner. (Workshops are his aphrodisiac)

Step 3: Go back to studying. Don’t read the rest of the tutorial.

Step 4: The above step was a test of dedication and concentration. You, the reader, are a potential RG material. A real RG has a lot of fun in the eyes of everyone he knows – While the previous point holds true, the RG will try his best to cover up the tracks and pretend to have never studied and take part in all the fun happening everywhere. Only when you place his earphones onto your ears will you realize he’s been listening to the audiobook version of Advanced Fluid Dynamics and vibing on it.

Step 5: A real RG is the one true and trusted source for any and every piece of information put forward in class. From class notes to CT dates, the one person whom you can depend on is the RG. The not-so-subtle flex here is that, even if you read all his notes, you know that he’s going to be the RG whatever be the situation.

Article by the anonymous 8-pointer gang.

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