RG: the Untold Story (Inklings Day 3)

With awe-inspiring attention spans and grasping power,
In front of which, meaner mortals can only bow down and cower
Quit dissing us RGs, people, ‘ cos you see
We are fuelled by motivation and powered by your jealousy

Understanding a professor’s psychology is a flair
So is taking copious notes, omitting nothing, with care
For each course, devising a meticulous action plan
And acing and even cruising beyond the course plan

Satisfying the profs with answers one can only vye for
And scoring grades that others would die for
Landing internships and scholarships with ease
Working while others were ‘ putting peace’

People Vying for our notes to desperately save your derrière
Nagging us for tutorial sessions, when end sem exams are near
After exams are done, instead of showing gratitude
Reverting to one’s original, ostracizing attitude

We sacrifice so much in life, so quit cribbing
We are much more skilled than mere muggers, so quit fibbing
Next time, for your sinking grades, blame your ineptitude and lethargy
Don’t foist the blame on an innocent RG

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