NITT to embrace VR as a substitute for lab courses

The Department Undertaking Development of Engineering (DUDE) has announced that Virtual Reality technology will be employed to better educate the students. It has been speculated that the VR modules will be used to perform virtual experiments that the students previously been performing in their respective labs.

The VR modules manufactured indigenously at Thoovakudi are now ready to be supplied to each student as soon as the academic year begins. With a substantial increase in working hours, syllabus and a nerve-racking schedule, this power move has been welcomed eagerly by the student volunteers who participated in the beta tests.

Pranav, a third-year student says, “I was worried that next semester is going to be hectic with CPCs but the VR module will definitely help me in saving time as now I don’t need to go to the lab every alternate day.” With the summer temperatures expected to soar, the VR is bound to provide relief.

Apart from being a handy tool in education, the equipment will also play an instrumental role in developing the mental health of the students, claims DUDE.

The device also has features such as playing soulful lo-fi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to assist students. Another pragmatic attribute is the ‘VR Grade Sheet’. Envisage the impossible is the crux of the VR grade sheet. Nothing compares to the bliss felt when it’s all S. Now anyone can do this by simulating the graduation day where you are awarded for completing the course with distinction. Ridi, another beta tester claims that she was moved to tears when she received a VR grade sheet with all S grades in them.

In addition to the students, the PhD scholars too seem to have welcomed this new technological development as now, they need not explain the experiment or clear totally wacky doubts leaving them with more time to pursue their research.

However, this optimistic enthusiasm was not shared by all as some students feel that they’re losing foot on reality. “This is too real. Once I got scolded by the virtual lab Anna for not wearing lab shoes but the truth is I had mistakenly worn them in real life”, says a distraught and mildly confused Harish.

“Will this spell out a new era for technology-aided education?”, is the question on everyone’s mind as we step forth into a new year with 1443 ppi resolution for the VR modules.


-Stealth Shiva

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