NITT’s Dhaba Calorie Budgeter


“Oru Kalaki
Oru Chicken Dosa
Oru Aloo fry”
“Avalavu dhana Thambi?”
“Aaa! Aprom ANNA Oru Sunny Leone!!”
(“ 1 Kalaki,1 Chicken Dosa,1 Aloo fry”
“So, Your order is complete?”
Oh, I almost forgot. One Sunny Leone too!)

Thus, an order for dinner at dhaba has been made with food that is branded as unhealthy, but that is not going to stop us from eating out at the dhabas on a regular basis. Feeds brings to you stats on dhaba food to help you make informed decisions.

Note 1

Counting calories and planning doesn’t necessarily help, but it sure does let you make informed decisions. The following infographics will tell you how much some dhaba dishes are considering your health and wealth. You’ve been given enough food for thought. So be a smart foodie.


Non Veg



Note 3


When you eat more calories than you need, your body saves them as fat. When you eat fewer calories than needed, it will use up those calories and burn them off as fat. Exercise doesn’t create the deficit as easily as you think it to.

– Shruthi Srinivasan, Diptisikha Dash

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