Hang On

It’s ok, cry.

Let it out, run it dry.

There’s no weakness in crying,

It’s ok little girl, cry.


Pent-up emotions, don’t keep it in,

Your fragile heart can’t bear.

Let it out, throw it all out,

Not one tear to spare.


Now wipe your cheeks and listen close,

You strong-willed girl.

I know your days haven’t been sweet,

Your mind is taking the toll.


I know you haven’t a lot of friends,

They only sneer and hate.

Steadfast love and passion,

I’ve never seen you retaliate.


Love, you will be loved.


Your father drinks every day,

At home there is no one to talk.

You lack a mother’s love,

Yet so patiently you walk.


Be patient, it’s gonna be alright.


Little girl I notice it all,

I’ve noticed for many days.

But I beg of you just one thing,

Just this one thing I say…


Never show them hate.


You’ve been doing that for a long time,

But please never deter.

‘Cause you become just like them

The minute you falter.


That’s unforgivable.


Keep it up girl, you’re doing so well.

But in your errors they will partake.

Don’t give them a single chance.

They will surely realize their mistakes.


Not every rain lasts forever,

Yours will end for sure.

Hold on to that umbrella and I’ll guarantee,

A rainbow so pure.

Tejas Harirajan

Jack of a few trades, master of some. Loves League of Legends, beatboxing, basketball, Frisbee and writing stories.

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