Happy Place

Welcome to my happy place!
It’s not so hard to find.
Take a seat right next to me,
Breathe, relax and unwind.

From here the flowers look so pretty,
The sky’s always bright blue.
The trees wave and dance happily,
In their beautiful Autumn hues.

The winds make your spirit soar,
The air is always warm.
The soil beneath soothes the soul,
The cool ground keeps you calm.

The birds tweet their melodies,
And paint the sky with colour.
The butterflies search for the perfect flower,
To sip its delicious nectar.

It rains sometimes, but don’t worry,
From here it’s just a drizzle.
It washes away the pain with every drop,
It cheers you up a little.

At night the Moon erases the dark,
Its lunar glow feels relieving.
The crickets chirp in soft tunes,
While everyone is peacefully sleeping.

My happy place isn’t really… in one place.
It changes from time to time.
For right now it’s on this park bench,
But it’s got no reason or rhyme.

It’s sometimes on my sofa,
Sometimes it’s in my car.
Sometimes it’s by my chair at work,
But it’s never been too far.

Hey don’t look confused, it’s easy to find,
Like a beacon it shines bright.
One step at a time, slow and steady,
I just need to follow it’s light.

I’d give you one, but there’s no map,
Instead I’ll give you an easy clue.
Just look at where I’m sitting now,

Right next to you.


Tejas Harirajan

Jack of a few trades, master of some. Loves League of Legends, beatboxing, basketball, Frisbee and writing stories.

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