News report: 19 September, 2018 – 28 September, 2018


RMI, the official Robotics club, conducted their annual workshop, Genesis, during the third week of September. Over the course of five days, September 19-23, students were taught the basics of the field, including embedded systems, mechanics, electronics, computer vision. Students were given many interactive tasks throughout the session to make sure they could utilise their equipment to the maximum. They built and coded their way through the workshop, paving the way for most of them to make their first ever robot. By the end of the workshop, the teams were able to build their own scribe bot, a 3 degrees of freedom (DOF) manipulator controlled by computer vision.

Opening of 2k Market

On 19th September, the new campus supermarket – a Students’ Council and administration initiative, was opened and inaugurated. The store was visited by students and faculty alike, with a positive response. The shop can be found in the Shopping Complex, next to the SBI bank. It caters to all basic necessities – snacks, cold drinks, stationery, fruits and vegetables to name a few. The owners have ensured that the store will be fully stocked by 15th October.

Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations

The yearly elaborate celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi took place on the weekend of the 20th and 21st. With a well organised crowd control and a beautiful ambience, this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebration saw a large turnout from college students. The celebrations were spread over two days and worshippers were treated to sumptuous Maharashtrian fare on the second day, which included the famous ‘Puran Poli’ and ‘Shrikhand’.

Information seminar by AIESEC

An information seminar was organized by AIESEC in NIT Trichy on 26th September in Orion.
By and large, the seminar was aimed at making the students, especially freshers, aware of the wide array of internships that AIESEC provides. Two students presented a quick talk about the history, functioning and the goals that AIESEC strives to achieve, and how it seeks transformation amongst the youth by providing leadership opportunities. This was followed by a quick interactive activity.
Then, the AIESEC global volunteers explained the application procedure and described the internship and the perks of the same. They also shared the stories and experiences of eminent AIESEC alumni in India and abroad.

Then, the previous exchange partners spoke about their enlivening as well as educative internship experience and how it helped them grow holistically as a person. The session ended with an elaborate Q&A session, where the enthusiastic students tried to understand the nature of the internship and various other details.

Intern Talk by Mechanical Association

The Mechanical Engineering Association conducted an Intern Talk session on the 28th of September at 6:00 PM in the A13 hall. It was open to all departments and many students from 2nd year and 3rd year attended the session. Students from the Mechanical Department in their 4th year shared their experiences of the internships they took up and explained the procedure they followed to receive the internship while citing the mistakes to be avoided. The session began with an introductory talk from Sathyanarayanan, the president of MEA followed by the R. Anirudh and Muaaz describing their DAAD scholarship experience. Hari Prasanth, who had interned in NUS for a biomechanics project discussed about the mailing and follow-up procedure. Ranjith who had interned in NTU, Singapore and Balaji who had interned in UQ, Brisbane stressed the importance of finding the right professors according to the interest of the applicant. Govarthan, the Secretary of MEA shared his Management Research intern experience. Suhail talked about his internship in Soft robotics at NUS.

They also spoke about the differences between a company intern and a research intern. There were also other topics discussed such as the work culture abroad, and also guidance regarding application for non-Mechanical internships.

Pratik who had interned in CERN, described the amount of work required to bag such an intern and how efforts are being made for students in NITT to receive similar internships.

The periodic Q-A sessions in between ensured students left with all their doubts satisfied. The contacts of the speakers were put up for reference.

Photo courtesy of Pixelbug, NIT Trichy.

Report by Koushik Kumaran, Anisha Biswal, Kumaraguruparan Ramadoss.


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