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All roads lead to Rome
The Roman Empire once spread all across Europe and while it was not true then, it definitely is not true now. While a small number of roads do in fact lead to Rome, most of them lead to other places and some lead to the ocean and a watery grave. So the next time you want to go to Rome, try not to take any old road, stop and ask an auto driver first.


Like finding a needle in a haystack
Often used as a simile for a very hard task, this task is actually one of the simpler ones, though the question remains why you would bother searching for a needle in a haystack when you could be doing several other things. However if your pants tore at an inopportune moment, or for other similar urgent stitching needs, there are several easy ways to do this such as by using a powerful magnet to attract the needle out. If that’s not quite doing it for you, there’s always the quick fix of burning the hay till only the needle remains. (Don’t try this at home, or anywhere really, just buy a new needle.)


It takes two to tango
While it is definitely recommended to tango with a partner, for those of us lonely souls who can’t find one or for those of us who are truly that narcissistic, it really doesn’t take two to tango. A big enough pillow or just the air would do just fine as you go through the necessary motions using your feet and hands.


Faith could move mountains
Unless the Force from Star Wars is real and you are gifted with a high count of midi-chlorians, it’s not possible to move mountains with your mind alone. My faith barely lets me move myself off the bed in the mornings to go to those pesky 8:30 classes, let alone move mountains.


Written by Ashwin Krishnan and Gautham Mahadevan.

Illustrated by Sivaprakash.

From issue 6, volume 7.

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