Sneha Kumari Sah: Internship at ExxonMobil

  1. Please give us a brief description of your internship profile.  

I interned at ExxonMobil, Bangalore center during summer 2018. The role offered to me was that of a global planning analyst. During my internship, I was working with two analysts of a Business Unit and developed an analysis tool  for them. This required me to understand my Business Unit (BU) and the different kinds of analyses that were currently being performed in the organization for that BU. The tool was supposed to cater to auxiliary requirements of the stakeholders of analysis of specific parameters which was not being done at that time due to absence of any tool to support the same.

2. How was the process of getting the internship?                                                                                              

I got the internship through the institute’s training and placement department. The process consisted of shortlisting based on GPA, a group discussion and one personal interview. The process was not stressful at all and the employees make you feel very comfortable throughout.

3. How was the your internship experience? How was the company’s work culture?                

The internship experience was very good, and I learnt a lot as part of the internship. The supervisor and buddy I worked along with were very patient with helping me understand the requirements of the job. This not only helped me be more confident about my knowledge of what I was dealing with, but also in adding various features and introducing new analytical views that could help the stakeholders. All the employees were very welcoming and very helpful to all the interns, which definitely made the working environment open and inviting for the interns. There were eight other interns and we were all very supportive of each other throughout the internship. It was fun working with all these open-minded people. We all even made each other practice for our final presentations together. And we are all still in touch.

4. As someone who got a PPO after your intern, what would you say are the criteria they take into consideration while determining who gets the PPO?

The most important thing is the alignment of your values with that of ExxonMobil. Since the company takes its policies regarding safety, networking and ethics very seriously, anyone who aims for a PPO should be able to believe in the values connected to them. As far as project is concerned, a crystal clear grasp of concept and introduction of something new makes an intern seem a lot more valuable to them.

5. Can you tell us how you prepared for the interview process?  

For the interview, a very striking introduction can prove to be very helpful, as they are there to buy your personality. A thorough knowledge of the internships and projects listed in your resume are required, along with how your work exactly contributed to the respective organisation are important. Most of HR questions will be based upon the positions of responsibility held, the challenges faced, your reactions to challenges, etc. Having some genuine questions to ask about the organisation and the work at the end of the interview can help leave a good impression.

6. What do they look for in your resume?      

The internships listed in your resume can have a great impact, and having done some analytical work before might be of help. They do love very dynamic personalities and it would be great if your resume puts that forward. There isn’t anything exact which they look for in the resume. You can make things look better by your justification for them during your interviews.



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