Useless apps –  Creativity at its worst!

From Instagram to Bunk Manager, Google Docs to Logo Quiz, applications or apps on our phones are a part and parcel of our day to day lives. However, if Marrybrown can exist in a world of Mcdonalds and KFC, we can expect at least some apps among the 2 to 3.8 million to serve no purpose, other than to fascinate us with the thought – “What were they thinking?” Turns out there are more than just a few, but these definitely top that list.

French Kiss  

Most of us would like to learn how to kiss via experience – at least it’s more fun. But for those people who fear the embarrassment of being called a bad kisser, here is your confidence booster!

Just download the app and kiss away (Suggestion – don’t use tongue if your mobile is not waterproof). Improve on the well detailed and excellent feedback given by the app to become a master kisser putting even “Joey Tribbiani” to shame!

Note of Caution – If you are one of those people who takes their phone to the washroom for potty time entertainment – well best of luck! Keep that medicine drawer loaded just in case.

Is it Dark Outside 

This epitome of technology makes living in Daedalus’ labyrinth or in the Catacombs of Paris a cake walk. A simple app which detects your location and concludes the answer to the question “Is it dark outside?”. The answers are obtained in a simple Yes or No format in a very large font for our convenience. Too lazy to look out the window and determine the answer to this question? Well, now you know which app to use!


To all the alcoholics and alcohol virgins out there, your prayers have been answered. So get dressed and go to those rave parties because virtual reality just made your lives so much better with this ever refiling cup of cold beer and now with extra bubbles and better fluid dynamics! Watch in awe as the slightest tilt of your smartphone lets you chug down a cup of virtual beer and simply straightening it out refills the cup in the blink of an eye.

Bugs identified – Users have known to lose their friends at alarming rates. Such ingenuity might, after all, offend some people. This bug will be fixed as soon as possible so please stay tuned for updates.

In case if anyone is wondering, all of the aforementioned apps are available in iOS and Android. In fact, there are multiple options for each one. I would go with the Google recommendations for Android. Enjoy!

Kavya Venkatesan

An extreme extrovert with a peaceful bookworm side!

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