Interview: Saurabh Ojha (Archi-2016)

Please state your current major and explain the area of research you are currently involved in. Do state your past research if any

Masters in sustainable architecture from School Of Planning And Architecture, Vijayawada – Batch – (2016-2018)
This program offers an opportunity to expand students’ knowledge base for developing solutions for sustainability of Built environment scientifically keeping in mind the socio-economical and environmental problems. Grounded in rigorous scientific research and analysis with a multidisciplinary approach of understanding issues related to energy efficiency, traditional wisdom of built environment, this course also delves into the water and Land and vegetation, waste management which are essential subjects of environmental sustainability. The Master of Architecture degree in sustainable Architecture is a project-based course.

What should students know before taking up research? How should they pursue their career in research?
It plays a key role in preparing future decision makers to meet the challenges of sustainable development by offering this specialized course.To develop skills, knowledge, and understanding related to environmental sustainability, construction, and building technology, adopting the principles and practices of sustainable building design, while responding to environmental challenges such as Climate change, environmental degradation etc.

The course offers a contextualized and deep understanding of sustainability in architecture. The study moves from the broad aspects of Man and Environment, energy and climate zones, through alternative materials and technologies for sustainability, urban sustainability issues, to the specifics of energy and environmental assessment. Waste management, Intelligent buildings, Ecocities, Passive & active solar strategies for energy conservation will be explored along the way. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to challenge existing orthodoxies and to explore potential, cultural and technical responses

Why are research internships important? How do students hone their skills through these internships?

The programme is designed for architects with an interest in developing expertise in an area of the rapidly increasing importance of energy efficient & sustainable strategies (such as environmental strategies, energy monitoring, and performance, resource management), where skill shortages are being reported and increasing specialist knowledge is required. The programme is continually being developed to meet the specific demands that industry requires and strives to use the latest information.

What other skills do you think students need to learn before/while pursuing Highers in engineering and sciences?

Develop design skills in the area of Energy Efficient Design of Buildings.
Develop a sound knowledge and analytical ability utilizing and building on existing knowledge facilitate your intellectual, creative and professional development.
Develop your judgment in response to complex and unpredictable research and professional issues within the area
Independent Energy consultants in Built environment, specialists in the design of energy efficient and sustainable built environment.
Can take a senior/management position in academic research and professional practice

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