Interview: Sara Hussain (Archi-1997)

Please give a brief introduction of yourself and your job profile.

I am Sara Hussain from 1992 batch. I started working immediately after college and in 1997 started practice as an architect in a private limited company. I am still continuing my practice.

How far do you think the knowledge you gained from NIT Trichy helped you? 

I feel that NITT gave a very good practical approach as far as architecture is concerned. My strength is infrastructure and it is this college and its faculty who taught me to be truthful and sincere in everything I do. There is a sense of grounding which only this institute can give. Even among all the students interning in my company, those from NITT definitely have a good base in terms of knowledge.


To what extent should one find a balance between work satisfaction and monetary satisfaction?

As far as I am concerned, I don’t care about the money part. The initial years were a struggle but I feel that if you stick to doing what you love and you do your work sincerely, putting your heart and soul into it, success is inevitable. Work satisfaction is primary and if you are doing a job which leaves you with a smile at the end of the day, then financial stability will follow shortly.

What are the skills one should have to follow the career path you have chosen?

To follow my career path the main requirement is to have a passion and love for architecture. Also, hard work and truthfulness are two very important skills which will guarantee you success in any career you wish to follow.

How can one be sure if a particular career path is right for him/her?

There is only one way and that is by talking to yourself. In any phase of life, not only while choosing a career path, stick with what you believe and what gives you happiness. Do not let people mold you. Take out a piece of paper and write down the things you like and the things you don’t about a particular choice or option and by the end of it you would be sure whether that option is right for you or not.


Any challenge/difficulty you faced in following your career?

I got married immediately after college and so, managing my own company as well as my family and kids proved to be a huge challenge. Time management was something I had struggled with initially.

What is the future scope for architecture?

The future of architecture is very scary and bleak. Nowadays, none of the students are passionate about architecture or have any emotional attachment to the subject. The number of architecture colleges have increased rapidly and there is huge competition but none of the students have any love for the subject in them. They just want to finish college somehow and secure a job. They have no dreams, no desire to do something extraordinary.

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