Defendant – A Review


Ji Sung as Park Jung-woo
Um Ki-joon as Cha Sun-ho / Cha Min-ho
Han Ki-won as young Cha Sun-ho
Han Ki-woong as young Cha Min-ho
Kwon Yu-ri as Seo Eun-hye
Oh Chang-seok as Kang Jun-hyuk
Uhm Hyun-kyung as Na Yeon-hee


Park Jung-woo is a prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. One day, he wakes up and finds himself as a convict on death row. Suffering from temporary amnesia, Jung-woo has no idea what transpired to land him in prison. He struggles to recover his memory and clear his name.

Follow him as he is helped in his quest by Seo Eun-hye, and see them learn of one of the greatest conspiracies of their careers.


4.5/5 stars

While most people are accustomed to a romantic view of Korean dramas – thanks in no small part to the Tamil dubbing – of boys over flowers. Everyone immediately dismisses K-Dramas as romantic fluff however, prepare to be proven wrong with what is undoubtedly one of the best legal thrillers of 2017.

The drama runs for 18 episodes, and manages to keep the suspense and intensity going all the way till the climax.

We follow Jung-woo as he carefully pulls back on the many layers of his past and he keeps us in rapt attention as the story unfolds.


The pacing of the drama was brilliantly handled as it shifts between moments of mystery, suspense, and refreshes the viewer’s palette with humour that is brought out in a natural way that doesn’t impede on the storytelling at all. From start to end the pace is lightning fast. However, a lack of content spread over 18 episodes is evident due to some repetitive scenes. But, this is understandable considering that it was extended from 16 episodes to 18 episodes following stellar ratings.

Character development

While the characters are admittedly fairly textbook as far as these kind of stories go, this doesn’t take away from their development at all. Each and every character supporting or starring is fleshed out and brought to life through the storytelling, and it really adds a heart to the drama.


Brilliant, with minor pacing issues and clichés, but overall brilliant. Nothing else to be said.

So, in all, definitely a drama worth your time. I wish I could say more, but no spoilers. Happy watching!


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