News: Pragyan InHoTT 2017

Pragyan, the techno-managerial fest of NITT hosted its annual inter-hostel technical tournament (InHoTT), exclusively for the first years from the 25th to 26th November, 2017.

The tournament included an array of different events from robotics to management.The initiative hoped to spark an interest among the freshers about all things technical, and the positive turnout reflected this.

Each hostel sent their best to place and beat the rest. The contest began on Saturday morning with Electrolution, an event conducted by Spider that dealt with tronix and was based off what was taught to the first years earlier in the semester during their workshop. Agate opened their point tally coming first with 15 points. As the day moved on, the next event – Captain Clawbot was organized by RMI to encourage newbies to build a robotic arm. Agate went onto bag both places in the event placing them high on the points table. Day one ended with a simple pen and paper round of Hunt the Code, which assessed the participants in their competency in the very basics of coding. The girls from Opal put themselves into the competition by taking both first and third positions.

The next day, Sunday started with The Ultimate Manager, an event that tests one’s practicality in difficult situations. Diamond came first, while Opal took second place and Coral placed third. Meanwhile an all day event Cube One went on allowing anyone that could to solve the Rubik’s Cube as quick as possible. Agate once again dominated and bagged first and third places. The last event was Elemental – where first years could come up with a random statement and justify it with science. Diamond placed first, with Agate consistent till the end taking second place. The evening wound down to the valediction where the awards were distributed.

Agate for the fourth year in a row took the cup home, while Diamond came second.

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