Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Programme

The A-Flight NCC of NIT Trichy organised a Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Programme at 6:00 p.m. at the A13 Hall on 02nd November 2017. The Programme took place under the supervision of Dr. Kalamani, Professor and Head of Department, and Dr. Dhivya Sethuraman, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Chennai Medical College and Hospital,Trichy.

Breast cancer is the most common invasive cancer among women, and the second major cause of cancerous deaths in women. Statistics say that one in eight women is prone to breast cancer. Though Breast cancer can affect men too, it is 100 times more prevalent in women.

The event was conducted in memory of A-Flight NCC’s late Ex-Cadet Sergeant Anjali Anil who unfortunately succumbed to Breast Cancer this year.  Remembered as an ever-smiling person with a strong fortitude she faced the adversities with immense courage. She remains an inspiration to all and will continue to live in everyone’s memories.

The programme began in A-13 packed with ladies of different age groups. Dr.Dhivya took the dais and gave an extremely informative presentation on Breast and Cervical Cancer. She talked about how Breast and Cervical Cancer develop and what are the symptoms to detect them. She informed the audience how vaccination and regular screening using mammography in women aged 45 and above can help in detection of the cancer in early stages. If detected in the initial stages, the cancerous cells can be treated, and patients can be successfully cured of the disease. She emphasized on the fact that “Prevention is better than cure” and hence requested the audience to prioritize their health and life over hesitation associated with treatment of breasts. She informed the audience how Cervical Cancer majorly depends on the sexual activity of the person and how women married at an early age are at higher risk of the disease. She spoke about the importance of self-examination and a healthy lifestyle, factors which are under our control, and how they can help in preventing the occurrence of these diseases. Towards the end of the presentation, Dr.Dhivya along with Dr Kalamani interacted with the audience and answered their queries.

Following the interactive session, Dr. Mini Shaji Thomas thanked the honourable guests for spreading awareness about Breast and Cervical cancer and urged the audience to spread further awareness and follow the precautions emphasized by the Doctors. She congratulated the event organizers for taking up the initiative to conduct this event. The evening  came to an end with the singing of NCC Song and the National Anthem.

– Sudharshan, NCC

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