The Irritation Game

There is a game in town, which is more like a social experiment conducted on people to push them to their limits of emotional breakdown. Social media are never deprived of posts and status updates about this game. Some say it requires patience and ultimately has a positive impact, while others think that it’s nothing but a negative spiral that cannot be come out of. Either way, the addiction is real. It is a matter of choice to enter it, but once entered there is no choice. Geographically, the epicenter of the origins of this game falls in a particular country, but that in no way affects the craze that it has got from other parts of the world. It’s believed to be one of a kind, though it is said there are a few others that come close to this. It’s not restricted to people of any specific age group, for it attracts and has a similar impact on people from all age groups. Newcomers to the field of gaming are constantly being advised to play any game apart from this one, but then again it’s down to the individual’s choice.


Some rules and other points are to be kept in mind before this game is played. Readers who are aspiring players of this game, once you take it up please remember that you were warned. All we intend to do is to warn the society of the ups and downs, for being professional players of this game we know better than most of everyone else how much of an ordeal it is.

Having hyped it enough, let’s get down to business.





  • You will be given a task every week, sometimes multiple ones in the same week.


The people who have been playing this game for a long time say that the pain gets multiplied in the weeks where there are more than one tasks.


  • You can’t simply quit!


The first thing you need to know about this game is regardless of how you ended up doing it, you won’t be able to quit.

  • You’re not the only one

If you’re taking up this game, you should know that you aren’t alone. The others who are already playing will plead you not to take it up because of the trauma involved.

  • Requires you to be a nocturnal owl

The player is required to stay awake for a long time in the night.

  • Will leave you in tears every week

The game is a mix of crescendos and diminuendos. Every week, the player undergoes a myriad of emotions until a point where he is devoid of them.

  • Will make you lose hope

Some players have claimed that playing it has been nothing but perpetual torture and that it crushes one’s hopes into a billion little pieces, until the player is left with nothing but suicidal tendencies.

  • Some tasks make you hit new lows, while some may give you respite

As said earlier, the game is full of highs and lows. It is speculated that the sole reason why people still play this game is for the occasional highs. The rarity of the crescendos makes the player euphoric when it actually happens, thus, prolonging his tenure in the game.


  • Though painful it will be, you will want to see more of it, week in and week out


Many playing this game will tell you that however dangerous it might be, the nature of the task is beautiful. There exist few people who play this game not for its highs, not for its lows but just for its attractiveness.

  • Most of the times you will demand the extermination of the admin and orchestrator

Natural propensity of the players is to call for the head of the admin and orchestrator of this game, for sadistically inflicting pain and frustration without doing anything to alleviate it.


  • In the end, you’d want to see red.


The primary target of any player of the game is to triumph in it and ultimately, see red. The sad part about this is that they know this fully well before taking it up.


NOTE: Prospective players are advised to have mental support and psychological assistance throughout, just in case.


Usually, psychological games that propel people to suicide get banned. The reason this one is not banned yet is that there haven’t been many cases of suicide, yet. People get frustrated. They lose the confidence and courage to face non-players of this game. They also get driven to the notion of suicide, but the thought of not being able to play this game after death depresses them, which keeps them alive. Search for posts on this game on Facebook, and you’ll start doubting if these players are actually bipolar. One day, they laud this game. On another day, they diss it. Eventually, the players claim that the game is totally worth playing, to the bewilderment of all non-players.


Being players ourselves, we do agree with the people of our kind. The game of being an Arsenal fan is hard, but it is totally worth the pain of playing it.


– Keshore Suryanarayanan and Akaash Preetham



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