New Curfew Regulations

Yesterday, NIT Trichy witnessed the passing of a major administrative decision which affects a significant portion of the population on campus.  After numerous heated debates and analyses, the college has decided to impose the true spirit of equality by instilling a curfew on the boys hostels at 9:00 p.m weekdays and 9:30 p.m on weekends, making the curfew rules common for everyone on campus.

Even though the verdict hasn’t been made public, the issue has been around long enough to be spread by word of mouth. Like every strategically brilliant resolution, the matter at hand has sparked outrage among the male residents of the campus.

“Dude, the hostels are mere places for us to sleep. We are like a joint family functioning mostly in the night. Why can’t they remove the curfew on the girls’ hostels so that our family becomes even bigger? Why is there no action to weed out the other issues that plague our campus? Now we have to try setting our college’s bar high with all odds against us, ” said Mari, a powerful member of the DASA community.

While most of the students agree with Mari, there were others who had a conflicting perspective.

Subramani, a spokesperson for those in support of the curfew, surmises, “The kids of today do not know what is right for them. By introducing a curfew on the boys’ hostels we are ensuring their safety. Their freedom during the night is taken away, thus, their freedom to cause harm is curbed. Simple. We do understand that the sudden implementation may be hard to cope with but let’s draw an analogy. Demonetization was put in action over a night. Look at how successful it has been.”

The discontent didn’t pertain to the male students alone. Even the landlords and the staff of the late night canteens and the dhabas were left disgruntled as a sizable chunk of their income came in late at night after the messes closed. Amongst the students, those belonging to EEE and ICE departments are expected to receive the worst blow as their normally scheduled classes seem to end at 8:30 p.m. They will have to rush to their hostels skipping dinner, heavily risking their health. Additionally, the service hours of the 24-hour Octagon Computer Center will have to be revised as the curfew renders about one third of its working hours pointless.  

The female section of the college gave a mixed response to the decision and were actively involved in preparing placards and signboards, supposedly for a rally against the curfew system. The slogans and signs varied from “#removecurfew” to an incoherent #banPETA – clearly the aftermath of a historical protest of the past.

Both sides of the coin seem to be right in this pressing issue. We await more information from the college administration.

-Stealth Shiva

Disclaimer: Don’t believe in fake news. If someone says fake news isn’t fake, don’t believe them either.


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