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Daan Utsav or the Joy of giving week is celebrated in the first week of October following Gandhi Jayanti. HumaNITTy is the Daan Utsav initiative of NIT Trichy, where all the social responsibility clubs, teams and individuals join hands to give back to the society.This year Daan Utsav celebrations were held from the 30th of September to the 10th of October at NITT. This 6th edition of HumaNITTy conducted nearly 23 events starting from the ‘ Seva’ wherein sandwiches prepared by volunteers were distributed at the Trichy Railway Junction on the 25th of September, 2017.

HumaNITTy classifies its activities majorly into two categories- ‘Augmenting and Learning’ and ‘Sharing and Caring’.

Augmenting and Learning

Augmenting and Learning program aims at improving the facilities and the basic infrastructure of nearby schools by visiting them and identifying the problems they face. The problems are discussed thoroughly and appropriate solutions are chalked out.

This edition of HumaNITTy reached out to 12 schools and a few children’s homes in and around Trichy. Some notable initiatives involve the provision of study material and uniforms for the needy students at all schools, and providing necessary equipment to autistic children. On behalf of the government, NIVH Plex talk devices for the visually challenged were also distributed. In one school, a library was established, its reception and development will be followed by HumnaNITTy throughout the year. Water purifiers were installed in schools in Achampatti, and in a school at Keelambelli, provisions for digging a borehole were made since the school was lacking a proper source of water supply. Moreover, the Sports Day prizes at Kattur Boys’ school will be completely sponsored by HumaNITTy, along with water bottles for the students. Every child in these schools and the home were given kits consisting of a water bottle and a cake.

Sharing and Caring

Under the Sharing and Caring program, volunteers visit old age homes and orphanages, spend time with the people there and even supply groceries and toiletries as per their requirements. Apart from his, every adult is provided with a kit consisting of a towel, a soap, a water bottle, a rusk packet, lungi and vest (for men), and a saree or night dress (for women). Another event called Sarthy Diwas, was held on the 2nd of October to surprise the crew members of the buses that ply by NITT. All bus drivers and conductors were gifted with a kit consisting of food and their daily requirements.

This year, a unique initiative called “Wish Fulfillment” was taken, the children of Loopra Blind Home were asked to write their wishes on a piece of paper and stick it on the wish tree. This wish tree was placed at the HumaNITTy Festember stall allowing anyone to pick up one of those wish cards and fulfill it. The stall also sold items handcrafted by the children of Malarchi at Kalamvur, a home for mentally challenged children. Like every year, the EEE association also handed over a cheque to Malarchi.

 Gala for Kids

On the 8th of October, the highly anticipated event, ‘Gala for Kids’ was held at the Barn Hall from 8 AM. Nearly 400 children from different schools and homes in Trichy were brought to the campus in NITT buses. A number of events like singing and drawing competitions, mimicry performances, DJ night were held to entertain the children. The children were also served breakfast, lunch and snacks at the Barn. Apart from this, the children were gifted a kit containing a water bottle, chocolates and other gifts. This event brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to all participants of Daan Utsav. All kits and augmenting aids were sponsored by Mr. Ramanan, an alumnus of NITT.

Valedictory Function

The Valedictory function for Daan Utsav will be held at the EEE Auditorium from 4.30 PM on the 12th of October. The function will be presided by the Collector, Shri K.Rajamani I.A.S,  and Sujith Kumar, founder of Maatram Foundation among others.


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