The Four


You spend your life trying to find a purpose,
not realizing that you have to create it.
You need something that sets a momentum,
an ambition that makes it all worth it.

A reason that makes you wake up in the morning
and look forward to the day ahead,
Not just a dream that you see at night
but one that doesn’t let you sleep instead.

Because life’s like riding a bicycle,
you need to keep moving all the way through;
it’s better the sooner you realize,
You need something to Do.

And it’s while you continue on this journey,
that you will find out,
However good you are at what you do,
there’ll always be a someone you can’t do without.

Because when you break, and you will,
a single embrace will ease the pain,
it’ll collect all the pieces you broke into
and make a whole again.

At such times, and better ones
there’ll be a feeling that nothing goes above –
To share your triumphs and sorrows with,
You need someone to Love.

Sometimes when things go out of hand,
but you still want it all to work out,
You need an assurance that only god giveth,
or so say the devout.

But I’d rather trust my good intent,
my will, strength and competence,
my insatiable hunger to reach my goal,
that goes beyond divine providence.

So when it comes to trusting your efforts,
don’t leave your dreams collecting dust on the shelf –
You need something to Believe in,
Why not make that thing yourself?

And at the end of the day when you settle,
having done and loved and believed,
You still need one last thing because
Life never rewarded the content and relieved.

Life’s a trek up a slippery slope –
There’s no standing still at your spot.
You either slowly but steadily, slip down,
or inch your way to the top.

So cross your fingers that you never tire,
and keep improving forevermore –
And that’s why the last piece in the puzzle of life is that
You need something to Hope for.

– Ayush Mishra


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