FAQs for freshers

Q- Are laundry services available? Are washing machines provided in the hostels?

Laundry services are available at the Shopping Complex at a nominal price. You’ll have to take your laundry to them and get it washed and ironed within 2-3 days, not accounting for delays. There are also privately owned washing machines installed in each hostel by Nate laundry. A prepaid card can be obtained from them and subsequently used at a rate of 75 Rs per wash.


Q-Are there separate vegetarian messes available?

The first years have a separate mess to themselves, divided into two. One of which is a vegetarian mess. For the other students too, there is always one pure veg mess where you can register.


Q-Is it compulsory to buy a laptop?

No, not at all. It is entirely up to you, though you might find it convenient to have one in the subsequent years. If you don’t have one, there is no reason to worry. You can always use the computer services available in Octagon. Octagon and the Annex among themselves have around 400high-end computers that are available for the use of NIT students. Octagon stays open 24 x 7 though you might have to leave by 9 / 9:30 PM due to the curfew. The Annex closes at 11:00 PM and opens at 6.00 am.


Q-Is there a curfew for the hostels?

The first years are expected to be in their hostels by 9:30 pm. While for boys the curfew is only for a year, girls are expected to give a roll call in their hostels during their entire stay at NITT.


Q-How often am I allowed to leave the campus?

You can leave the campus anytime you want. There are no such restrictions on students. You’ll have to fill in a register at a security desk. If you are on a visit to the city or any place nearby, you are expected to be back before the curfew. Else, if you are going home or anywhere else for a couple of days, you are free to do so, but it’s recommended that you keep your parents informed in the case of the latter.


Q-Is there any ragging in the college?

Ragging is a Criminal and Non-Bailable offense, punished by dismissal from the Institute, fine of Rs 10,000/- and imprisonment up to two years.

When you joined NIT-T, you would have signed an undertaking that you would neither indulge in nor propagate ragging and every other student has signed the same undertaking.If you ever feel that you are in a situation where you feel you are being ragged, please don’t go along with it, report it to the concerned authorities.


Q-Where do I get my books?

Feel free to check out the Central Library as they have a plethora of reference books and others. You can check OPAC for any specific books you require. You can always buy second-hand books from stores in Chatram (a 40 min bus ride from campus), where you’ll find most of the books you might need but you might have to haggle a bit over the prices. Some seniors are always willing to lend their old books, so feel free to ask somebody from your department if you happen to know them.

Most of the curriculum for the first years is common for all the departments (B.Tech) and cover General Institute requirements. You’ll also have a course on Engineering Graphics in either of the semesters (I or II) so it might be handy to have a mini-drafter beforehand.


Q-Where can I eat outside the messes?

Students have plenty of options to eat outside the messes. Here are some which are frequently visited:

Staff canteen – Opposite Orion, and ideal for a quick breakfast, lunch or coffee between classes.

Classics – Opposite the Barn Hall, open for lunch and evening snacks.

Buhari – Inside the shopping center, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

IIM canteen – Behind the CSE department (during the day) and opposite Diamond hostel (at night), serves lunch, snacks, and dinner.

Neelkesh – Behind Emerald hostel, open till 2 am. Serves lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Chennai Bakery – Behind Pearl hostel, open till 2:30 am. Serves snacks and dinner.

Angel Bakery – Inside the Opal compound. It is open till 10:30 pm, serves snacks.

Opal night canteen – Open till midnight, serves dinner.

Cedi – Near Orion, they serve breakfast and lunch.

Vasantham – Opposite Lyceum, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

There are plenty of other small shops that sell a range of snacks and confectionaries.


Q-Is there a pharmacy in the campus?

Yes, Apollo Pharmacy (inside the hospital complex) is open 24×7. Students can get their medication for free, if they have a valid prescription from the campus hospital.


Q-What about the gym and sports facilities?

The Sports Centre is equipped with a functioning fitness center (for boys). It is equipped with an air-walker, rowing machine, treadmill and other new exercise modules. A new gym has been opened in Opal A, which is open from 6:00 – 8:00 AM in the mornings and 6:00 – 8:00 PM in the evenings.

The college is equipped with an indoor stadium for badminton, basketball, and squash. The college is also equipped with a swimming pool, tennis courts, football, hockey, and cricket pitches in addition to indoor sports facilities for chess, carom and table tennis.


Q-Is there any official email id for students?

After the orientation program, every first year will receive a webmail id(your roll number) and password.This password is very important.


Q-What about WiFi connectivity in hostels?

WiFi routers are installed in all hostels. You can access WiFi once you’re provided with an Octa Password.


Q-How can I stay updated on the various events occurring on campus?

For all academic details refer to www.nitt.edu. It helps to follow the Students’ Council, NIT Trichy page on Facebook. For information regarding clubs and other campus programs, you could go through the posts on NITT Calendar Notice Board on Facebook. However, we do recommend that you follow the respective FB pages/websites of different clubs for instant updates.


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