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NIT Trichy has a highly diverse and richly varied student body living in campus. While bonds formed within students of same native state and language are common, it is vital that students from various parts of the country communicate and interact with each

other, sharing different cultures, different practices and working towards building a more open minded, adapting individual.

It is in the clubs and associations of NIT Trichy where language barriers are broken and friendships forged. NIT Trichy boasts of an incredible number of clubs, ranging from birds watching to coding clubs, from the Thespian society for acting, to various technical

teams. It is in these groups that a students’ opinions and views are challenged, changed, and one learns and explores a myriad of avenues and opportunities. It is said that NIT Trichy has a place for any activity a student wishes to pursue, and a peer group for any

interest a student wishes to carry forward. Be it culturals, arts, technical associations, writing, or sports, the college offers a peer group that can help one elevate his passion and knowledge to the next level, and train a student towards scaling greater zeniths in any field of interest.

Our college has close to half century clubs, each comprising of students from all hatches, different departments and different social backgrounds. In an institute that aims at making the best brains of the country work together, these clubs play a pivotal role in ensuring an amicable environment for students.

The reason for these dubs to exist and flourish is firstly the support administration provides. From financial backing to permissions to work during class hours, from on duty permits to attend competitions al other colleges to covering the cost of travel, the

administration backs every club through and through. Every club is supported by a faculty member who is in-charge of the club’s needs, and is meant to guide the club in any way possible. The clubs are allocated a budget at the beginning of each academic year, and

cheques are delivered and bills reimbursed. The administration also readily provides students with access to halls in the Administration building, Lecture hall, Student Activity centre and various other places in campus for the clubs to hold meetings and events.

For an NITTian, it is a great ordeal to dear the inductions procedures of the clubs, and to be a part of one. Be it a technical association or a cultural society, each club takes a large amount of time, effort and energy from a student’s life in campus. Any NITTian would take pride in the dubs he is a part of and a huge amount of a student’s learning on campus comes from these dubs.


Amruthavarshini – Carnatic Music club of NITT

Storming into the music scenes of NITT in 2006, Amruthavarshini has served as a platform for professionals and budding artists to pursue their interest in Carnatic music. The club gives an opportunity for students to perform to an audience in campus, and out.

Manoranjani, their flagship event, is conducted each year to encourage school students to continue music.


Dance Troupe

7-time Saarang (IIT-M’s cultural festival) awardees, the best eastern dance team of Tamil Nadu, the best theme dance team across South India – that is DT, the Dance troupe of NITT.

Formed in 2001, this passionate group has earned its position as one of the best troupes in South India. What is mind-blowing is that this team has accomplished all this without a professional choreographer guiding them. They are loved wherever they go.

Balls By Picasso

It is the literary and debating society of NITT. This club conducts a weeklong series of literary events known as Litweek once every semester. It organises and hosts all the

English literary events for Festember, Pragyan and Nittfest. In addition to this, the dub also hosts an open quiz (Pragyan open quiz). Members of Balls By Picasso have met with remarkable success in literary events.


Music Troupe

Fondly called MT, the Music Troupe comprises some very talented musicians of the institute. Apart from conducting Tarangini and Gigahertz during Festember (eastern light music and rock music respectively), MT also enthrals the whole of NITT during Crescendo, their annual concert. MT’s performances have bagged prizes all over South India.

They were also invited to perform in the Lions Club and BHEL, Trichy.


Thespian Society

One of the oldest clubs in campus, the Thespian Society is a group of talented dramatists who put up cultural plays in fests across India. They also host their own performance during Festember and during the semester. Members of the Thespian society actively pursue dramatics even after college.


Fine Arts Society

The Fine Arts Society of NITT is responsible for the ambience and surroundings during both Festember and Nittfest. Besides this, they significantly contribute every year to the Arts Gallery during Festember. This club has successfully outdone itself year after year, providing a stunning ambience to augment the themes of both Nittfest and Festember.



The Hindi cell of NITT, their primary aim is to promote and foster the national language of India. They do this by conducting ‘Umang’, a week of Hindi literary events. They are also solely responsible for the Hindi literary events during Nittfest and Festember.



This team comprises of students from first and second year. They represent the institute in National Cadets Corps meets every year and have performed extremely well at the events. They hold their flagship fest- Lakshya, a three day series of events to test brains, brawn and patriotism of students. NCC students from many institutions turn up to participate in the same.



As the social service club of NITT, Apekshaa conducts English, science, math and computer science classes regularly for the students at the REC School. They also host the Independence day celebrations. The most notable of their contributions is their conduction of the Joy of Giving week. They also regularly visit Ashrams throughout the year.


Designer’s Consortium

The Designer’s consortium is a fledging dub started by a set of design enthusiasts from the department of Mechanical engineering. The team dreams of a club to fabricate their innovative products to cater to the needs of the society. The club has evolved with over fifteen completed projects under its belt in just one year. It aims to allow students with a flair for Mechanical engineering and a passion for industrial designing to look for flaws in designs of products we use every day.



The League for Environmental Awareness and Protection is the environmental club of NITT. They have taken initiatives to promote green technology inside the campus. They hope to make the campus cleaner and greener.


Thamizh Manram

This is the Tamil cultural, literary and linguistic club of NITT. They organize all the Tamil literary events at Festember and NITTFest. They also hold their flagship event- Vithai, each year to encourage students to take pride in their language. They represent our college in events around Tamil Nadu, and have performed considerably well.


Builders’ Hive

Also called the B-Hive, this club is made of Civil engineering students of NITT who wish to pursue Civil engineering beyond what is taught in class. They aim to promote Civil engineering and Architecture in the country. They conduct the core civil engineering related events at Pragyan.



Cognitto is the free thinkers association in NITT. They frequently challenge the system, take radical ideas and present distinctive viewpoints. They invite guest speakers from around the country lo orate to students in college.


Connect NIT

Connect NIT aims at building a network among all the NITs in the country. It is a national level collegiate club with its headquarters at NIT Trichy. It was founded in 2005 by the Ministry of Human resource and development (MHRD) under the Technical Education

Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP). They frequently conduct events and contests to forge bonds across the nation, notably ZeNITh, an inter NIT quiz competition and Capture NIT, the photography contest.



The Entrepreneurship Cell of NITT was started in 2005 as an effort to encourage students to look at entrepreneurship as a career option. They conduct a host of events – workshops, guest lectures and other activities throughout the year. Their flagship event, Ventura, an annual B-plan competition, garnered more than 500 plans last year. £-Cell has a mentor network to provide resources for students starting up.


Leo Club

A social club of NITT, Leo Club conducts Vibes – an intra NIT cultural event Apart from this, the Leo club also conducts the PAN card camp for students and Outzzards, a quiz event for the schools of Trichy. The Leo club is affiliated to the International Lion’s club, from which it has earned laurels.


3rd Dimension Aeromodelling Club

Founded in 2012, the aero-modelling club of NITT aims lo create a greater interest in aero-modelling in students by conducting workshops throughout the year, both as part of the mechanical engineering department symposium, as well as independent workshops. Apart from this, they also participate in various competitions. One of their biggest achievements was winning an aero-modelling competition at PMU University, Thanjavur, where the winning team received a special award from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


RMI – Robotics and Machine Intelligence

Responsible for robotics since 2005, RMI conducts a workshop for freshers to cultivate interest among students. They also conduct events under ‘Robovigyan’ during ‘Pragyan, the annual technological festival of NITT. They participate in various technological fests across the country. RMI’s biggest draw has to be the various projects which they undertake. Right from the robotic arm that could play tic-tac-toe (2010) lo the automatic Rubik’s cube solver (2013), this dub has shown that it can produce some top class machinery.



Truly the haven for shutterbugs. Pixelbug is the official photography dub of NITT. Since its inception during Festember 2012, it has covered various facets of each and every event taking place in college. Pixelbug uploads all the photos of events such as Festember, Nittfest and Pragyan to Facebook. It also conducts workshops and photo walks for enthusiasts.


Rotaract Club

Founded along with its parent organization – the Rotaract Club of Trichy in 1967, the  Rotaract Club of NITT hosts blood donation camps; Horizons, an inter-department cultural fest exclusively for the second years and Pestecole, a cultural event for schools in and around Trichy.



Started in 2003, Spider is an amalgamation of coding and electronics. Their basic focus being microcontroller processing, they annually host mu-con, a workshop on microcontrollers. They frequently hold web development workshops. Spider is one of the few clubs in NITT that can boast about a patent to its name, namely CARS (Car accident recovery system). It is an Android application that sends messages to one’s friends in case of an accident.



This is the science and astronomy club of NITT. They conduct regular star gazing sessions in college. They also host interactive sessions and bring guest speakers to college to spread the love of astronomy and science. ‘They’ve also conducted space and science quizzes in the college.


PSI Racing

Automotive technology is the name of the game. The Pure Science Initiative (PSI) was  started to stoke the enthusiasm of students interested in mechanical engineering and aspects related to it. The highly-skilled PSI racing team builds various automobiles from scratch, for competitions such as BAJA (All-Terrain Vehicle design and construction) and SUPRA (Formula racing vehicle). They also conduct an automotive workshop for Mechanical and Production Engineering departments each year.



Delta is the coding club of NIT-Trichy.  Several members of the Web Team involve themselves with the Computer Support Groups of Pragyan, Festember, and Nittfest, gathering a great amount of hands-on experience in the process.

The programmers specialize in various aspects of application development, including application design, algorithms and data structures, and database management, and work with a variety of languages and technologies including PHP, Python, MySQL, Apache, C, C++, C# and Java.


Task force

RECycle, the official bicycle share programme of NIT Trichy is a student run, alumni supported organisation initiated by Taskforce. Bicycles that are donated by the graduating students are refurbished and distributed back into the student community. The bicycle thus converted into a RECycle is available for subscription from a period of 2 years to 4 years with free service facilities for the half of subscription period. In the instance of repair, instant exchange of cycle can be done. The RECycle station is located near LHC and Coke Station. Other community services provided by Taskforce includes notebooks at minimal prices which can be bought from the Taskforce Help Centre located in Admin Block.

Contact: 9486558478, 8015816648.
Emergency Help Centre (A6 Hall Admin Block)


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