How To Predict the Weather at NITT

‘Plup’ ,’plup’ ,’plup’. ”Yes! It’s finally raining.”
Vathermani looked up in joy, only to be greeted by a shower of blinding white. Yes indeed, it had rained. Poop. A disgruntled Vather washed the crow’s mess off his face and stared at his snickering girlfriend. Things hadn’t gone as planned. It should have rained, and she should’ve been drenched and irate. He had counted on the weather app to ruin his date. He had been so sure that the thunderstorm would give enough reason for the imminent breakup. However, his trusty app had ditched him and he was stuck with her.

Every one of us, like Vather, has been hoodwinked by the weatherman’s forecasts. To be accurate, weather prediction is the result of hours of analysing probability and statistical data run on erratic wind paths, low depressions, volcanic activity, global warming and so on. In other words- it is the study of chaos. Keeping in mind that the calculations made are for a wide coverage and not just the skies over your head, any genuine weather prediction contains a certain uncertainty.  Well then, how does one survive the odds, especially in a place like Trichy? Fret not, here we bring to you some weird and wonderful methods to predict the weather – NITT style. They may not have much rhyme, but they work. Trust us, not the weather.


“If a fly lands on your nose, swat it till it goes. If it lands again, it will bring back heavy rain.”

As unbelievable as it sounds, it has a ring of truth to it. Low pressure, indicative of bad weather, makes insects fly lower and increases the risk of it landing on your nose. It works unless the fly has been intoxicated by mess food.

“Curly hair, the weather isn’t fair. Straighten it down; else you’ll be left with a frown.”

If the day starts off with a duel between your curls and the comb, take an umbrella with you. Humidity makes your hair frizzier, so it may not after all be a good day to let your hair down.

“Coffees predict cyclones

Let the bubbles settle. Are bubbles moving to the edge? The sun will shine brightly. When they cuddle up in the middle, it’s a downpour. And if there are no bubbles, just go make yourself another cup.

“Rain dogs and calm cows”

Did the dog just go crazy upon looking up? Are the cows suddenly low and lazy? Mark it; you’re in for a rough day. Dogs, apart from sensing ghosts with their infrasonic hearing and sixth senses, can detect storms. Cows huddle together and sit down to save a dry patch for themselves before rains.


Onions bring tears. Onions foretell weather for the year. Split the onion into layers and add a pinch of salt to each layer. Let it rest overnight. If the salt sticks to the onion, a dry month is underway, else the conditions are likely to be sultry and wet.

Low flight

Our feathery friends fly low to prey on insects that usually come out before rains. So the next time a bird poops on you, take their full stomach as a premonition and rush indoors. Maybe, Vather should’ve waited longer.

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