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NITT has been a force to reckon with in all fields, especially in the area of sports. NIT Trichy has a history to boast of when it comes to sports, right from the age of REC Trichy. From intense practice sessions every evening, be it heat or rain, to friendly games within hostels, NIT Trichy has it all.

The sporting structure at NITT is an excellent model. Every sport has an induction procedure held, where new talent is exposed to college level rigor, and the best are chosen for the institute teams. All teams together make up the Sports Contingent of NITT which comprises of nearly 250 members and travel together to represent the institute at various national level meets.

There are two major sports events organized in NITT, INTERNIT, a national level face off between all the NITs, and Sports Fete- an inter-department sports meet organized by the contingent.


For an athlete in any NIT, this is one of the biggest opportunities to reveal their full potential. Contingents travel to various colleges around the nation and compete vigorously to bag their coveted trophy, and an overall trophy is presented at each center depending on which college has bagged the most prizes. Every year, NIT Trichy takes up the responsibility of conducting a couple of sports events in the campus. The sports scene in college witnessed a tremendous boost in 2013-2014, NIT Trichy’s Golden Jubilee when over a dozen sporting events including Athletics was conducted here. Over a thousand participants from all over the country were accommodated in college for the four-day event and all the sporting arenas were updated and equipped to handle the participation. NIT Trichy played host to over 18 different institutes for the Golden Jubilee edition of Inter NIT. Not only hosting the events, NIT Trichy emerged as the Overall Champions as well. NIT Trichy has always been a cut above the rest with regards to sports, and in the year 2012-’13, NIT Trichy won the overall trophy in six different centers of Inter NIT.

Sports Fete

The inter department sports fest is the ultimate showcase of talent and bench strength of NITT sports teams, as the departments face off against each other in over 25 different disciplines, ranging from athletics to water polo, and from hockey to Kabaddi. Intense department rivalries come into force, and previous editions of Sports fete have been decided based on a half point margin.

The Sports Fete scene in college got a lot bigger in the year 2016, with the inclusion of an overall trophy, which combines NITTFEST and Sports Fete scores together to declare a department as the Overall champions in college. In Sports Fete 2016, over 1200 runners ran the 10 km marathon, and participation in events was immense.

The hunger to conquer higher summits is always there, and the boost given by Inter NITs spurs NITT to tackle larger challenges, entering open competitions. The contingent participates in open national level tournaments held by BITS Pilani, Manipal Institute of Technology, IITs and other colleges to test their mettle against the very best. The squad is known to win the hearts of the spectators and give a tremendous fight in every sport, no matter the result. NIT Trichy won the Overall championship in IIT Kharagpur’s Shaurya, in the year 2012-’13.

In a system where sports are often dismissed as a leisure activity, the pride every sportsperson wears on the field is incredible. The cricket team proved in 2012 that NITT is capable of great heights when they won the Trichy District First Division Cricket League, stunning more illustrious opponents and teams filled with professional cricketers. Such was the reception for this feat that three NITT cricketers were awarded special prizes at the awarding ceremony of TDCA in 2012.

NIT Trichy also has an innate tendency to explore, and more sports are constantly added into the fray, with Kho Kho and Handball being the latest additions. The Kho Kho team has fared remarkably well since its inception, bagging the Gold medal at IIT Kanpur.

The Sports culture in NIT Trichy is ever electric, and with the construction of the new indoor sports complex, brighter times lie ahead for the ever hungry sporting fraternity of NIT Trichy.

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