The NITT bucket list

Whether you are a pass-out, final year or a freshman – you have lived or will live four years near the silent, hot town of Tiruchirapalli, a place not really touristy unless you are a pilgrim.  Nevertheless over the years, the campus culture has made us all embrace the tiny town and tinier hostel rooms, and discover a few gems – restaurants to eat, “exotic” locations to trip to, or just simple activities to occupy ourselves with.

Here is roughly what one could call the NITT Bucket List:

  1. The Dhabas
    Most of us have probably tried one or two of the street food corners outside campus. But here’s a challenge – to try the questionable food at every stall situated across the stretch of the highway.
  2. A trip to Tranquebar
    The closest Kanyakumari substitute, a quiet place frequented mostly by our precious students – a calm place for all night tripping, football playing, and sunrise appreciating.
  3. Scaling the Rockfort hill
    One of the popular pilgrim spots can also be quite a fun climb – the first time. The workout gives way to a view and pleasant wind. Recommended visiting during the evenings.
  4. Micheal’s – homemade ice cream
    Let the cheap scoops of refreshing ice cream deceive you into thinking you’re not spending a lot or eating that much after 10 scoops.  
  5. Going to endhe Kerala
    It could be with your “fam”, or with your best friends, probably the best place to go for a weekend long trip – for trees, leaves – small and green, and maybe some good weather.
  6. Emptying your wallet at Dimora’s or Sangam
    It is expensive, but breakfast at Sangam is said to be a great one time experience. Dimora’s is used to tease/demand your friend for a treat, set the bar high always.
  7. Donning traditional wear
    If you thought the women were crazed for a chance to struggle with a saree, the men here decide to take chances with silky kurtas, and unstable veshtis during Ethnic Day, Onam, Pongal, or even at their department’s symposium’s inauguration.
  8. An all nighter for no good reason
    Maybe to catch up on the monthly gossip, or play Call of Duty – college is definitely the time that teaches you that staying up till 5AM is easier than waking up at 5AM.
  9. Chilling at CCD with a mango shot for three hours
    Some might say we’ve got it good having our own CCD with subsidised prices, but the prices are still quite high. Worry not – for their cheapest items still taste just as good, but in baby food proportions.
  10. Taking in the stars at the helipad
    This is believed to be not possible anymore, but for the ones that could – some say it felt a little like serendipity.
  11. Midnight maggi making
    Cooking but not really, with an electrical appliance you aren’t technically allowed to have, can be tasty. Unless you mess it up, in which case tough luck.
  12. Downing a CakeBee pastry
    Quality cakes that are well priced, need I say more?

When you’re done, maybe you could try doing it all over again?

– Harshini Ramanujam

“A full time fiction reader, and a part time engineering student – who follows dreams, pop culture, Harry Potter, and also writes.”

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